Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Christmas Home Tour THE END ;)

Y'all know I started a love affair with these vintage concrete swans over the summer and I'm here to say that I still adore them.  I have one on our outdoor dining table and one here in the dining room. 

Looking at the photos I'm thinking that I for sure need to add a velvet bow around this one's neck, right???

I mentioned last year that I used to keep all of this stored in my kitchen during the holidays and finally decided to put it all out here because it brings me JOY and I find myself using it way more when it's out here.


I have some antiqued mirrored ornaments on the buffet...

... and that's the extend of Christmas in the dining room.

This room is SUPER HARD to photograph because of the windows so just know it's cuter in-person, okay???

This is our big family/memory ornament tree and I felt like this was the best spot for the christmas jammie quilt and pillows to live.  Because #nostalgia.

This tree is full of homemade, travel and memory ornamnets.  It's a hot mess and I wouldn't have it any other way

The bookcase has a few nativities...

... this one we got as a wedding gift...

... and this one is made from a steel drum.  


And yes... I have some presents wrapped!  

The light in the office is the opposite of the living room...

... this year G and I put the paper houses out on this console table..

And agreed they're perfect with the vintage ornament tree.

I love this tree so much.  It started with a few ornaments that I was gifted that belonged to my grandparents - some hanging on their childhood trees in the 1920's and has grown from there.

I look for pinks...

... and birds...

... and pieces that have tinsel inside.  I love thinking about all the different trees that they've hung on. 

In the kitchen I still have the out of control prayer plant on the kitchen table...

... along with a cute little tray of candy canes which is significantly less full than it was when I put them out.

A jar of cookies because #Christmas...

... and a few more dishes and serving items.

Phew.  That's for sure enough pictures until NEXT Christmas ;).  


  1. So much to love in this post, but I must say Rosie sleeping, your beautifully wrapped gifts and those cozy little cottages are my absolute faves. xx

  2. Loved the tour! Festive, cozy and all things Christmas!


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