Thursday, December 28, 2023

Christmas 2023

Our Christmas was VERY low key this year which is just how we like it ;). We told the kids they could come downstairs at 8:30 and the elves left a "jingle bell booby trap" just in case anyone decided to venture down early.

Griffin had written Santa a letter and put it in our mailbox last week and she was SHOCKED that he had received it and even referenced it in his note back to her ;) 

Santa leaves the kids stockings upstairs so by the time they come down they've been through everything but we always take time to show each other what all Santa left (this year he brought Luke a paremesan cheese grater in his stocking - hahahaha) in their stockings and then open Santa gifts and then the presents from me and Dave.


Homemade gifts are the best gifts, am I right!?!?!

We ate biscuits and gravy for breakfast and spent the rest of the day enjoying our gifts, playing games and watching movies.  Normally, we'd head to Dave's aunt and uncle's house for lunch but they weren't hosting this year so we had zero places to be which ended up being so nice.

I really thought I took more pictures but this is what I've got!  I hope you and your family had a day filled with all of your favorites!


  1. Sounds like the perfect Christmas day!!

  2. That sounds like a perfect Christmas day and I am loving G's rainbow skates. I still have my white skates with the hot pink wheels from high school and it might just be time for an upgrade!


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