Monday, November 27, 2023

Amazon Lately

Not to be dramatic, but this dog food container may be the best thing I've ever purchased on Amazon.  I love it SO SO SO MUCH!  We go through A LOT of dog food and storing 40 lbs at a time is no easy task and somehow this seems "small", yet it still holds the large amount of food we keep on hand and it's STURDY.  Our last container broke and I don't see this one ever breaking.  It's awesome!

I've been wearing Braxley bands forever, but as we get into holiday stuff I wanted something a little dressier and so I just ordered this apple watch band (it's currently a Cyber Monday deal) and I'll keep you posted on what I think!

I recently donated our previous knife set and realized shortly thereafter that our new set didn't include a bread knife.  I grabbed this bread knife and have nothing but good things to say so far.

I grabbed these star string lights for our North Pole Breakfast and I know that the description said how long the strand was but that means nothing to me - hahaha. But I can say now that it's A LOT of lights and they're really great quality.

I grabbed the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book because multiple kids at my house were itching to read it...

...and this set of eye masks because GLITTER!!! I've only used one set so far, but they feel great and are super cute.

I grabbed two of these block sets  for my nephews who just turned four.  I loved the basic marble run element and that they worked interchangeably with the Duplo blocks they already have.  They had great reviews as well.

I actually snapped this awesome star garland at one of my favorite local stores (for about $10 more) and then came across it on Amazon and grabbed an extra because it's SO CUTE and I have big plans for a NYE mantle.  It's so pretty in person and I love that the glitter is "mild" and mixed with the natural wood finish.

I ordered these reindeer slippers for Griffin and she's worn them daily.  They're darling!

And last, but not least, because I'm a SUCKER for a puzzle I grabbed this nutcracker puzzle to stick away for Christmas break.  I'm usually a strict 1000-piecer but I make exceptions for this brand and can generally get my kids more involved with puzzles of this size.  

HAPPY Monday and happy shopping, friends!!!


  1. I feel like I need that puzzle in my life!!

  2. Do you have any Math games for early middle schoolers to recommend? We have loved Adsumudi!


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