Monday, October 2, 2023

Weekend Top 10


Happy Monday, friends! Bringing back my weekend top 10 this week ;)

1 - Halloween Decorating
I pulled out the bins, fought through some creative blocks and got it done.  And it's CUTE!  I can't wait to show you everything later this week.

2 - XC Friends
Luke had back to back XC meets on Friday and Saturday mornings and got to see a friend who went to a different school this year.  SO FUN!

3 - Carrot Cupcakes
OH MY WORD, Y'ALL!  Tried out a new recipe this weekend and it's SO GOOD!

4 - Sermon Notes
Mason's sermon notes yesterday were my absolute favorite thing ever. 

5 - TCU
The outcome wasn't a highlight BUT hanging with my boys on the couch was!

6 - My Girl
That's my girl!  Anyone else love a Homegoods checkout aisle as much as we do?!?!?!

7 - Ace Angel
New name, same cute volleyball players and G was the player of the week and gets to wear the ace angel necklace this week.  It's like the girl version of the chains that Mason used to get for flag football.

8 - Favorite Things Puzzle
I finished (and started!) this puzzle this weekend and it was so fun!

9 - Sous Chef
Griffin was cutting some strawberries for me and she had a sous chef to help ;)

10 - Game Show Battle Room
Luke went to a friends birthday party this weekend at a game show battle room and he had the best time. How fun is this idea???

HAPPY Monday, friends!!!


  1. Looks like a TERRIFIC weekend!! I like how you numbered it all - what a good idea :). I need to keep track of "the little things" - this might be the way to do it. And yes, we love a Homegoods (or TJMaxx or Marshall's) checkout aisle too!!


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