Friday, September 8, 2023

Friday Favorites

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Next week is Homecoming - which is always a FAVORITE.  I asked Luke to come with me to the mum shop last weekend just to check things out and OH MY WORD y'all.  Mums are my FAVORITE but it was a lot even for me.  We decided to abandon the mission and order his dates mum through the school. hahaha  This pic of him will never not be a FAVORITE from this point forward ;)


Last week Dave took G to do one of her FAVORITE activities of all time...

She LOVES to rock climb!  Seriously the most random thing to love but she does!

and look at those LONG LEGS! What in the world!

Two of my FAVORITE guys at the Ninja Turtles movie...

... and a few of my FAVORITE fifth graders ;) LOOK HOW SWEET!!!

If you have a Parry's near you the Lexington Avenue salad is a MUST!  My FAVORITE place to grab lunch to go.

We've been spending our weekends at various far-away locations EARLY in the mornings but, they're kind of our FAVORITE.

I MEAN.  Luke is the only freshman on varsity and it's been such a blessing for him.

And Mason is having a great season as well!  

I was checking out Anthropologie this week and LOOK!!!  These houses are my FAVORITE and this knit shoppe is a MUST!  The tea room house that we have is back and it couldn't be more precious!

I also LOVE  these hot air balloon initial ornaments. The colors are so cute and they're just so unique!


If you have a pickleball lover in hour house  this ornament would be a great memento for the year!

These two cuties after church....

... a counter packed full of food for a house full of high schoolers...

... and this girl making her own "breakfast nachos" were all favorites.

Luke goes to the away football games with the band this year and a mom snapped this picture of him and it's a new FAVE.

An impromptu dinner with my parents and ice cream sundae moment was a FAVORITE...

... and hot weather is NOT this girls FAVE so we're eagerly awaiting cooler nights where we can walk farther than this without wanting to just lie in the grass. hahahaha

FAVORITE friends before school...

... and this girl set up SHOP in my classroom after school ;)

Last, but not least - "uber mom life" can be A LOT at times, but I'd be lying if I said that this season and the time together in the car (even with the 75 daily drop offs and pickups and the mental load keeping track of everything takes) wasn't my FAVE.

HAPPY Friday, friends!!!

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  1. Being from the midwest, the mums are fascinating to read about/see! :) How much do they cost (range)? And what makes one "better" than the other? Somanyquestions haha! Hope you get a nice rest this weekend!

  2. My middle son was obsessed with rock climbing! We even had his birthday party at a place with a rock fall a few years in a row. I honestly pictured the fall flower-- chrysanthemums and couldn't figure out why you were in what looked like a clothing store to find them and then I realized what you meant. We don't have those here. You might get your date a corsage but even that's more for prom whereas homecoming tends to be more casual.


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