Monday, August 21, 2023

Costco Faves Part TWO

A couple of weeks ago I shared my first round of Costco faves after sharing some of my "hauls" over on my instagram page.  Turns out lots of y'all are interested in tryout out Costco and are a bit intimidated/curious by what they have to offer.  We joined Sams club back when Mason was a baby because we used to get his formula there ($$$) and kept that membership up through having babies because savings and diapers and formula more than paid for the membership.  We let it go when we were done with baby needs because the location of Sam's really wasn't convenient and we weren't going through enough food to really warrant the cost of the membership.

Then, enter the teen years and a brand new Costco a whole lot closer to our house and we decided to try out Costco and quickly fell in love.  Honestly, we'd be members just to get the rotisserie chickens and hot dogs from the food court. hahahaha

I joined Instacart+ last year and have been taking FULL advantage of the free delivery because let's be real, Costco on a Saturday (when I can go) is not ideal and I have zero interest in lifting a 40 lb bag of dog food. hahahaha

So... back to some of our staple items and favorite finds.

I try to keep one of these cracker cut cheese packs in our fridge for grab and go purposes.  Solo or sandwiched in between Ritz crackers there's something everyone loves and it makes a perfect after-school snack.


While I still LOVE some Trader Joe's Happy Trekking mix (it's the cherries for me) you really can't beat the Kirkland trail mix in individual bag....

... or big bag form.  They don't skimp on the M&Ms and the price (on both packages) can't be beat.  I like to keep some of the individual bags in my classroom for those days where we may not have time to run home between activities or I get stuck in a long meeting and my kids are starving.  They're great!

Our FAVORITE hummus is from Costco - so yummy and again, the value is way better than a traditional grocery store size.

I LOVE a chocolate covered raisin and while I'm typically a "raisinette only" girl (most store brands can't compare) I can personally vouch for how good these are.  I don't buy them often because I have no self control but when I do get them I get real excited ;)

Nuts! Seriously - the nuts at Costco are priced so much better than the grocery store...

This 2 lb bag of pecans is $12 at our store and they're SO GOOD!

Another item that is WAY cheaper at Costco is Feta cheese.  I LOVE Feta on salads and this would be twice as expensive at my local Kroger.  

We also LOVE keeping these chicken and mozzarella ravioli on hand for busy nights....

... and I'll stand by the statement that this is the BEST brownie mix out there.  We follow the box directions for a double batch that you make in a 9x13 and they're SO GOOD!  I've made these for multiple kiddos birthdays (for their school treat) because they're just that good.

I grab this whenever it goes on sale for the week and it is AMAZING!  It couldn't be quicker, is FULL of flavor and is great in tacos or served over rice. 

My boys take these to school every day and the Costco-size bag is the only way I'll buy them anymore. 

If you're not putting this queso mama white queso on ALL THE THINGS you're really missing out.  Nachos, tacos, that kevins chicken from above with rice... it's better than a lot of restaurant quesos! 

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  1. I need that trail mix in my life! My kids go through so much of that!


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