Wednesday, June 28, 2023

What's Up Wednesday

             Today I'm linking up with  Shay and  Sheaffer to talk a little bit about what's been going on around here! I missed out on this last week when I pressed pause on the blog to get caught up on some school things but wanted to share anyway ;)

We just can't quit this cilantro lime chicken...

... I love it in tacos, over rice or just alone.  It's DELICIOUS!!!  I think part of what makes it taste so good is how easy it is to make ;)

Y'all KNEW this was coming ;) With the July 4th parade just around the corner I'm absolutely reminiscing about one of the things that makes my heart the happiest - kiddos decked out in red, white and blue waving flags and watching a parade.  BE STILL MY HEART!

These flip flops!  I've been looking for a pair of flip flops that are "nice" enough to wear with dresses but still comfy and cute.  I love how simple these are and they're surprisingly comfortable.

Just settling back in to "real life" after vacation which has included falling asleep while you're supposed to be unpacking your suitcase ;) 

THIS!!!! Y'all.  It's not even July.  WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!?!

My new planner! I know that sounds cheesy and may be the most Type-A thing I've ever typed but I bought a new planner and have been busy getting it all filled in and ready for the new school year.  I'll share details on my personal planner as well as the really cool teacher planner I found soon!

I ordered a pair of these earrings and couldn't be more excited to wear them this school year!  I opted for the gold on the letters since my hair is dark but the price seriously can't be better and they arrived super quickly.  The shop even has an option for hooks instead of the post option if that's more your thing.

I am DEEP into the Magnolia Parks series and I can't stop!  I'm on the third book and they just keep getting better.

I just rewatched Pitch Perfect for the first time in forever and I laughed SO HARD!

I'm listening to the Scamanda podcast and OH MY WORD!

The AUDACITY she had to garner attention, money and positions is next level.  JUST WOW!

How cute is this dress?!?!? It's super similar to a Just Female dress that I have and love!

Getting ready to celebrate July 4th!  I'll probably prep these burger patties and we may have to do a magic popcorn and The Sandlot night!

Nothing in particular... lazy days, time with friends, POOL TIME, reading, etc.  Just a lazy summer!

Griffin is doing Act1v8 camp at church this week and I can't believe it! It's a camp for rising 5th/6th graders and she's been jealous of her brothers for YEARS and now it's her turn.  I seriously can't believe it!

HAPPY Wednesday, friends!

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  1. Scamanda made me SO SO SO MAD. To use JESUS as part of her scam just made me SICK. She hurt so many people. To prey upon people like she did is disgusting. No spoilers- but the JUDGE at the end. HIGH FIVE.

  2. You're listening to that podcast too? Okay, it's official, I'm turning it on now and bingeing.

  3. I just ordered my new planner..It arrives tomorrow. I love seeing yours.


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