Thursday, June 24, 2021

Red, White and Blue Magic Popcorn :)

  For years we've ben "jazzing up" our movie night popcorn with little add-ins... goldfish crackers, chocolate chips, candy, fruit snacks, etc. and I had a reader tell me that she started doing it with her son who dubbed it "magic popcorn".  Magic popcorn is now the official name of "popcorn with stuff in it" as my kids used to call it ;)  This past year I've done this for Valentine's Day, Easter, St. Patrick's Day and earlier this week I did Red, White and Blue for alllllll the summer holidays.  It's super simple and always a huge hit with kids so I'm hoping it inspires a fun treat at your house too!

I found this cute little wooden/silver star tray at Homegoods a while ago and knew it would be perfect for summer celebrating. 

I filled it with red, white and blue favorites - M&Ms, frosted pretzels, cookies, Little Debbie cupcakes...

... sour patch blue raspberries (they come in their own bag!), marshmallows, almond joy/mounds, peanut M&Ms and twizzlers.

While mom tried to photography, this kid does this.  That's the professionals blogging situation going on over here :)

I swear that they were all standing like 2 feet from me at all times waiting for the "ok" :) hahaha

G's face :) hahaha

If you put this together for the fourth, movie night or a random Tuesday afternoon I want to see! Tag me in your photos or email them to me!  

Happy Thursday, friends!!!  


  1. Such a fun idea!! GG's face is MY face:)

  2. So fun! Where did you get the red, white, & blue bowls?

  3. So cute! I love all of this festive-ness! ;)

  4. I did this over our spring break with Easter type candy and it was a huge hit with my teen and her besties! We call it popcorn charcuterie boards!

  5. My kids call this Popcorn with Stuff In It which has been shortened over time to Stuff-in-it. You take it next level! Love it!


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