Thursday, May 18, 2023

Three Things - Last Day of School

 Well... it's the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!  How exciting is that?!?!  I did a "Three Things" post on the first day of school and thought it was only fitting to do one on the last day as well!  This would be a great time for me to share a cute "last day of school" picture but, alas... we've been a bit pressed for time ;) hahaha

I feel like this year Griffin really moved from "little" kid to "big".  Maybe it's the braces, maybe it's the legs getting longer but this year forever will be the "switch" from little to big for me.  She tried new things, came out of her shell and let her little light shine.

Speaking of coming out of her shell this year was the year that G found her voice.  She has always loved to sing at home but has NEVER wanted to sing in choir. This year she joined the Honor Choir at school as well as the children's choir at church, auditioned for a solo in the Christmas and Spring programs (and got them!) and has even been leading worship during the kids worship time.  We love hearing her sing and love that she's finding her confidence in that!

When I asked Griffin what her favorite thing she learned this year was her response was Texas history which kind of surprised me.  Apparently she is a Texas girl through and through ;)

This year was the year of "all the things" for Luke.  He was in the band, drumline, ran cross country, played soccer, ran track and played golf.  He tried a lot of new things and had the best time!

The top of Luke's summer to-do-list???  Getting his driver's permit.  I have no doubt he's going to be an awesome driver but Y'ALL!!!! DRIVING!!!!!

I've talked about it briefly but Luke has been in my math class for the past two years and I still can't believe it's over! It's really been fun to have him in the classroom setting and while I'm sad it's over I'm excited to shift out of the teacher role in his life and settle in more as just "mom" ;)

If I'm being honest, I was a little bit nervous about Mason's transition to middle school because he tends to get overwhelmed by bigger tasks (like tackling 8 classes) and he definitely stresses more about school than Luke or Griffin but he has handled it BEAUTIFULLY!!! He's been organized and responsible and I think he has the best study habits out of any of my kids.  So so so proud of how he handled the transition!

It's no secret that Dave and I both grew up in band and LOVED it and we told Mason we wanted him to try band in 6th grade to learn to play an instrument but that if he didn't love it he could make his own decision for 7th grade.  Well, he's decided to give up the euphonium and hopes to get into visual art next year and I'm SO EXCITED to see him shine in there!  Y'all know how creative Mason is and I can't wait to see him use that gift!

Being in the middle Mason doesn't always get experiences that are just "his" and I think he's excited (but also kind of nervous) about being the only one in middle school next year.  He's already mentioned a couple of things about Luke being on a different cross country team and Luke not being there at lunch and things like that which I think is just the sweetest. 

It's happening.  Sloth mode is about to be engaged and I CAN'T WAIT!!! If you're looking for me I'll 
be the one on the couch READING AN ACTUAL BOOK!!! 

We're headed to San Diego in June and I want all your tips and tricks!  Restaurant recs, beach recs, things to do... hit me with them ALL pretty please!  Leave them in the comments or shoot me an email!

When I'm not slothing it up this summer I have big plans to bring back my "summer declutter" and purge ALL THE THINGS!  Anyone else get as excited as I do at the idea of this?!?!

HAPPY Thursday, friends!!!


  1. I've only be to the San Diego area on a girls trip so most of my recs might be to "boring old lady" for your kids! I will say...if you have a day to spend at Hotel del Coronado, you should do it! It's a small drive, but the town is darling. We grabbed brunch at The Henry (so good!) and then had a day pass at the hotel. With the day pass, you get a beach set up and there is music, kids to play with and you can use the hotel "facilities" (trust me...worth it!).

  2. I know it is still a little bit of time until Luke drives on his own, but once you get used to it, you are going to love having a driver! As busy as your life is, it will be amazing! Can't believe how much your kids have grown - they seem like great kids! Have a wonderful summer!

  3. Happy last day, friend!!! You've earned a fabulous summer break!!

  4. The San Diego Zoo is a must, best zoo you will ever visit. I also loved Torrey Pines beach as its a totally different vibe. Belmont Park is a great vibe for families too with the rides right near the beach and fun restaurants. Oh and visit the sea lions at La Jolla Shores. The hidden swings are fun as well. Oh and if you want to hike go visit Potato Chip rock. Kids would love it. Hope you have the best time in San Diego. There is so much to do. Take some time to just enjoy the beach and maybe read a little bit. Nothing better than the beach in my opinion!

  5. Happy summer to your family! We LOVED San Diego when we visited several years ago. The Zoo is amazing - its huge, plan ahead, get there early and they used to have "young zoologist" tours which were worth the time. Sunset by the Coronado hotel, a baseball game, the USS Midway, the beaches at La Jolla, Balboa park and the children's museum (mine were 9 and 3 when we went) are all worth your while. Have a great time!

  6. World Famous on Pacific Beach in San Diego is a MUST for breakfast or brunch. Have so much fun! SD is one of my favorite cities ever!

  7. San Diego Zoo is really cool and totally worth the time. Having been to a lot of zoos and aquariums, we sometimes wonder if we should use our time for something different but this was well worth the time.

    My absolute favorite thing in the San Diego area is this hike It's not super hard or long but has enough challenge that you feel like you did something especially sliding through the slot canyon and climbing the ladder up! and the views are really amazing from the top.


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