Friday, May 5, 2023

Friday Favorites

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Last Friday night was our 7th and 8th grade semi-formal and seeing this kid all dressed up and excited was my FAVORITE!

I. Mean.

I snapped those few pics of him and then headed off to the venue to meed a few vendors that were arriving to set up and Dave took him over to a friends house to meet up with a group of kids for dinner and pics.

I had some cute sparkly shoes planned BUT comfort won out and I'm so glad because it was a LONG night ;) hahaha

I brought along my two FAVORITE helpers to set out food, help with balloons and test out the photo booth ;)

If you need some big impact for a low cost these lights are my FAVORITE

They're small and put out a ton of color and look even better when it's dark.  I bought them for a dance years ago and have used them tons of times since and they all still work great.

One of my FAVORITE memories EVER popped up this week.  I loved this outfit with all of my heart!

G's FAVORITE part of trying out the photo booth?  The props!

My FAVORITE part of the night?  The cheeseburger delivery! hahaha. PRAISE THE LORD for Dave running to grab some sustenance and extra bottled waters for me!

One of my FAVORITE nights of the whole year!

I can't believe that our middle school time together is about to be up!  FAVORITE part of the night was when he photoboothed with me ;)

... and then his bestie hopped in with me too ;) hahaha


My FAVORITE soccer ref looking extra cute last weekend...

... and a bunch of sweaty boys piled in my room telling me all about the movie they're making and the kickball game they just had is another FAVORITE.  

Griffin has been making earrings - FAVORITE!

And Luke grabbing an entire box of cereal to "snack on" on our way to a meeting was a FAVE. hahaha

Excited for a fun 4-year adventure he and I are starting!  More details later!

Senior chapel was last week and one of Mason's FAVORITE seniors stopped him for a pic on his way into the gym.  His mom sent it to me later and it's my new FAVORITE pic!  Isn't it the sweetest?!?!?!  Mason's been doing basketball skills with Bobby all year and he's going to miss him!

"Disney character" spirit day at Dance this week and this little Cruella Deville was my FAVORITE!

I've dropped the ball on pretty much all the "spirit days" this year and she's never once complained (even when we showed up and everyone was in "pop star" attire or "old recital costumes") and it was fun to do a little extra for her for this one.


HAPPY Friday, friends!!!

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  1. Andrea, I mean...Luke is a man! Friend, he's so handsome and so BIG!

  2. They look so grown up all dressed up! That 4 year adventure is going to just fly right by. I can't believe we're looking at colleges already... I swear he was just heading off for his first day of freshman year yesterday.


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