Monday, April 24, 2023

Weekend Happies

 Today I'm sharing ten things from the weekend that made me happy ;)  Looking for a few bright spots as I head into some of the busiest weeks of the school year!

ONE - I bought this hydrangea plant to cut a few blooms off of for Easter and then plopped the rest of the plant on our front porch and apparently it loves it out there!  The blue color makes me smile every time I see it.

TWO - This girl.  She loves this chair so much and we love her.

THREE - it was just G and me at home for lunch on Saturday and when she asks for a "snacky lunch" it always makes me happy. 

FOUR - Luke went to a birthday party for a friend on Friday night and he grabbed this bag from G's party earlier in the day to wrap his gift in ;) The gift card inside the bag may have also been inside a koala nightlight box just for fun.  Teenage boys and their random shenanigans are always a happy.

FIVE - This cutie guarding the front door was a happy ;)  He's every bit as ferocious as Rosie is not. hahaha

SIX - This cutie lounging and eating that snacky lunch was a happy.  LOVE her sweet little ten-year-old self!

SEVEN - Chicken pesto pizza in bed on a Friday night was FOR SURE a happy!

EIGHT - Cooler weather giving me a chance to wear my quilt coat on Sunday made me smile

NINE - That's a bag full of GRADED papers that I NEVER thought I'd get done! HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPY!

TEN - my favorite happy was an after-dinner walk with these cuties ;) 

Hoping y'all had a weekend full of happies and your week is off to a great start!


  1. I love after dinner walks also! Such a cute picture of your bunch!!

  2. Your hydrangeas are beautiful! Happy Monday!

  3. The birthday bag lol. My 12yr old came home from a birthday laughing about how one of the boys bought the 13yr old birthday boy a singing Little Mermaid card. Also, does Rosie shed at all?


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