Tuesday, April 25, 2023

G's Bath Bomb Birthday

 Griffin turned ten last week and we celebrated with her friend at our local Buff City Soap store.  I know that sounds random but she wanted something fun and girly and none of her friends have had parties there before so we gave it a shot and OH MY WORD it was the best time!

We got there about 20 minutes early to set out some snacks, the cake and the favors for her friends.  She invited nine girlfriends from school and we had  a smiley initial keychain made for each of them with their initials.  I ordered the cake topper at the same time and just asked that she make them in the same colors as the topper and they couldn't have turned out cuter!

Aren't they sweet??? They're a really nice size as well and the colors are so good!

The cake topper is pretty much what stole the show - it is SO PRETTY and well made and special! 

Our local Kroger grocery store made the cake (it was three layers of white cake with vanilla buttercream that they made pink) and it seriously couldn't have looked any more darling.

They had everything set up and ready to go and she was SO EXCITED to have her friends there!

Once all the girls arrived they each got to go around the store and smell all the soaps ;)  They each picked their favorite scent and brought the bar back to the makery so the girl helping them make the bath bombs would know what scent they wanted.  Then they each got to pick out a color as well.

We had the sweetest girl giving directions and helping out all the girls and they had everything portioned out and ready for them to mix step-by-step which was awesome. 

They mixed all their dry ingredients, added something else, then the scents, colors, etc. and then got to forming their bath bombs.  

After the bombs were formed and had set up a bit they got to "paint" them and then the employees came around and individually wrapped each of their bath bombs (they each made about 5) and put them in bags labeled with each of their names for them to take home.

They snacked while they created...

... and then it was time for cake and presents!

The SWEETEST group of girls and the best smelling party of all time ;). 

If you have a kiddo who loves "crafting" and/or all things girly and smell-good I HIGHLY recommend looking into a party here!  All the girls really enjoyed it and they were all tickled that they got to take home FIVE bath bombs!

Here's everything we used for the "theme" and it all coordinated so well together.  HAPPY Tuesday, friends!!!


  1. That is adorable! I have never even thought of having a party here, but I will definitely keep them in mind for the future! Can't believe Griffin is double digits!

  2. I have a girlfriend that hosted a party at her local Buff City and I agree....so CUTE! Easy and fun!

  3. What a great idea! I am totally going to remember this for my girls!


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