Tuesday, February 7, 2023

You CROC My World Valentine Idea

 Happy Tuesday, friends!  With only one kid doing valentines this year I find myself WAY AHEAD of the game which is not my norm ;)  While brainstorming what Griffin wanted to give out to her classmates I stumbled across  these packages of croc charms (jibbits!!!) and the price couldn't be beat.  The packs were 100 charms and the variety was awesome and the charms were so cute.

The packages are a true mixed bag... Disney princesses, Pokemon, minions, fruit, flowers, cars... literally everything.  There were a couple of charms I removed from the bag (wine glasses - hahaha) but there really was a huge variety of super cute charms.

Griffin made girl and boy bags and she cut off the tops of the bags, folded the card in half and then stapled it shut.

They seriously couldn't be cuter and Griffin is SO EXCITED to give them out which is always the best. 

When I design printables I create them in a 4x6 format that you can right click, save to your desktop, upload to a photo printing service (I use Walgreens) then fold in half and staple to the top of a  cellophane bag with a treat inside or directly to the top of a snack (you can find the cellophane bags that I like  HERE or pick them up at Hobby Lobby).  The kids write their names (and the names of their classmates if the teacher prefers that) on the cards with Sharpie and we're done!  Here are two different color options in case you have a kid who would love this!

HAPPY Tuesday, friends!!!

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  1. The MOST amazing one to date (and you've had so many!!!). I love this!


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