Monday, February 6, 2023

Fave IG Accounts - Part II

 I came across Andrea through one of her hilarious reels and LOVE her teacher content. It's been nice to find teacher content that isn't all about being burnt out and "over it".  Her content is scary accurate and it's nice to find a teacher account that's funny without being completely negative ;)

Meghan Bustard is another artist who I love following.  She shares a lot of her "process" which is so fun to see and my goal is to have some of her art in my house one day ;)

Okay, y'all.  Cheesegal.  YES, MA'AM! I was initially drawn to her account during her retelling of "the story" (if you don't know what I'm talking about and love a good crazy story check out her highlights)and have stuck around for her incredible food content.  I made her crispy boursin and OH MY WORD.  Dave and I don't even drink alcohol and for whatever reason I still find myself watching her drink reels - hahahaha

If you need a laugh.  Do You Get Sarcasm is the account for you.  It's never not funny.

If I had to pick any "instagram house" to move into it would be Vivi et Margot.  I save every single one of her posts and DREAM of having a space as cozy and French and PERFECT.  I mean.  Everything is stunning.  Her family just moved to Provence and I'd be lying if I said her account didn't have me googling French real estate ;)

Y'all.  Official Sad Beige is essentially a satire account and I can't get enough. Have I fallen victim to some of the sad beige trends?  Absolutely.  Is it still hilarious?  Also absolutely.  Her sense of humor is so weird and spot on and the best.

A friend was sending me reels by Rod and every single one was funnier than the last.  IF you need a laugh, give him a follow.

I can't remember how I found Sports.ish but I love it so much! It's like sports and pop culture had a baby.  LOVE IT!

Vanessa's account is hands down my favorite on the gram right now.  The creativity, the talent, the imagination, her darling kids - it's all SO GOOD!  Her photos are literally unreal and her process and creativity are so inspiring!  

Last, but not least - The Bible Is Funny account makes me chuckle on a daily basis.  

If you missed part 1 of my IG faves from last week you can check out that post HERE.


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  1. My lunch hour was consumed byt THE STORY - thank you so much for introducing these creative folks to us!


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