Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Favorite Games

We've been playing A LOT of games over the past few weeks and I thought it would be fun to share some of our top favorites!

I'm including links to YouTube videos explaining how to play the games which I hope y'all find helpful!  I wish I could have everyone over for a game night to explain in person but this is the next best thing!

First up is  Ticket To Ride - our counselor at family camp taught us how to play a couple of summers ago and it's been true love ever since.  We love the Europe version as well but original is still my personal favorite.  It can take a little while to play and get the hang of but once you do it's a blast!

Blokus is another fan favorite - it's almost like Tetris (but only the corners can touch) but with other people playing on the same board.  There's more strategy involved than you initially think and the only downside for us is that only 4 people can play.

Rummikub is a classic - I used to play this with my grandparents.  Luke is EXCEPTIONALLY good at this game and it's probably in my top 3.

Sequence is another oldie but goodie that we all love.  We love playing this as a two-player game.

Pit is loud and fun and fast.  It's been around FOREVER and is awesome if you have a larger group.

My kids LOVE playing  Sorry! I don't love how long it can take sometimes ;) but it's always a good time and it's easy for kids of all ages.  

When I think about  Triominos I automatically think about my Oma and Opa.  We played ALL THE TIME with them when we would visit them or they would visit us.  It's essentially dominos but with triangular pieces.  My boys will often play this just the two of them which I think is so sweet.

Qwirkle is another personal favorite.  We've played this for years and everyone loves it.  You're making color/pattern sequences and it's simple enough for younger kids to catch on but there's still some strategy involved which keeps it interesting for older kids and adults. 

Codenames is one that we just can't quit.  The ONLY downside is that you have to play with partners so you need an even number of players.  

Crokinole is a Canadian game that we grew up playing. I bought our board from a Canadian craftsman but this one looks great as well!

Sjoelbak is our family's very favorite game.  It's almost like a tabletop shuffleboard.  My grandparents taught us how to play (it's a Dutch game) on a board that my grandfather built and a few years ago we bought a newer board and we get it out ALL THE TIME.  My kids love to play with friends with they have them over, we play every holiday and we sneak in games on the weekend when we have a free evening.  

Rummoli is a game that I grew up playing and it is SO MUCH FUN!  We have a board that it doesn't look like you can find anymore and my mom has a big homemade board that we love to play at their house.  It's great because it's easy and lots of people can play

Exploding Kittens is hilariously weird and fun.  All three of my kids really love this game and along with the funny elements there's definitely strategy involved which makes it interesting.  

There are also expansion packs to make the game even more fun if you're an experienced player :) We have the first expansion pack and it's fun because it adds new cards and elements that keep the game fresh. 

Monopoly deal is my personal favorite card game.  It's fun and fast and has all the good parts of Monopoly without committing to like two days of game play. I could literally play like 15 rounds of this in a row.  It's super fun.

Dutch Blitz is another favorite - it's kind of a combination of solitaire and speed where everyone is playing on everyone else's piles trying to get rid of their "blitz" pile.  It's fast paced and intense and I love the Dutch theme since my mom's family is from Holland ;)

Skip Bo has a similar feel to Dutch Blitz.  It's a sequencing and speed game and we've been playing it for years.  There is also a SkipBo junior if you have younger kids.

Clue is a process of elimination game using cards and you're trying to figure out the who, what and where of the crime just like the original board game.  It's seriously SO MUCH FUN!  I love the critical thinking/deductive reasoning aspects of it so much.  

Now for card games with regular cards... our current favorites are Spades, Garbage, Spoons and Mini Golf.

HAPPY Wednesdsay, friends!!!

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  1. Skipbo reminds me of my Mimi!!! I need to teach my kids!

  2. We got two new games over the Christmas holidays: Telestrations and MonsDRAWsity. They are both super fun for groups--I think your family would like both of them:)

  3. Lots of crokinole happening here this holiday season. And I grew up playing Rummoli, I need to bring it back for my kids now.

  4. We used to play Rummikub all the time, but lost our game. I bought a new one over the holidays and we played it several times. I have never heard of Triominos, but I just added it to my Amazon cart....thank you!!

  5. I bought Ticket To Ride this holiday season because of your family! :) We liked it a lot!!

  6. Oh my goodness, forgot about Rummikub! Used to play that alot when I was younger. We've been playing the Guess in 10 board game a lot over break, my 8 year old loves it!


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