Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Teacher Tuesday - Ornament Color by Number Activity

 Hey, friends!  Today I'm sharing a fun project I did with my students that doubled as Christmas decorations...  LOOK HOW FUN!!!  These pics are from last year - I felt like I shared the post too late in the season for y'all to plan to use it in your classrooms so I'm hoping that this year you have more time if you'd like to do this with your classes ;)

I drew 8 different "color by number" ornaments and then created reviews where the answers to the problems coordinated to a color and students colored the sections labeled with that question number the color. 

They looked GREAT even if they missed a problem...

... and after they were completed I cut them out, laminated them and then strung them up in the front of my room using fishing line.

They all have the student's name on the back and my plan is to let them write a note on the back of theirs to a parent and then bring them home on the day of their exam. ;)


I also put up my little tree and kept the decorating super simple...

... and added a few bottle brush trees...

You can click  HERE to download the printable ornaments and  HERE for the keys.  If you're not a teacher you could just color them as is and it would still be fun!  HAPPY Tuesday, friends!!!


  1. SO CUTE! Man, I wish you would have been my math teacher.

  2. that's for sharing! I'm going to do simple color by numbers with my 4 year old - she'll love it!


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