Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Teacher Tuesday - Organizational Tips

Last week I did a day in the life series on my IG stories and got several comments about various organizational things I do in my classroom to help me get and stay organized and today I'm going to highlight two of my top favorites. 

I found these folders last year (or maybe even the year before) and they've helped me IMMENSELY.  I teach middle school math and part of that is grading HUNDREDS of papers a week.  I have a set of three folders for each class...


The first is where I put papers that need to be graded...

... the second is for makeup work (so if a student is out I'll put their name on their notes/hw, paperclip any graded work or other papers they have, write directions on a post it, etc. and put it in this folder so it's sorted and ready for when they get back)...

... and the third is for graded papers that are ready to be passed back to students.

I teach six classes and the set of folders comes with 3 folders in each of 6 colors and so it was PERFECT!  I know it seems like a simple system but it really has made a big difference in me staying organized.

I keep these all in hanging files in my desk and take home whatever I need on a nightly basis.

Next up - the binders!  I've shared this before but it's hands down the best organizational thing I've EVER done in my classroom.  

I've been creating my own homework and notes pages for years now (using the content from my textbooks) and while I keep digital copies of everything on my Google Drive I felt like every year I was recreating answer keys and I like having hard copies of them because it makes grading WAY easier.  I also use a document camera ALL THE TIME and like being able to show the kids my keys when we're reviewing and wanted everything in one place.  Hence... the binder system...

I've bought multiple boxes of these binders and now have one for each chapter of each subject.  It's been great because all of my resources are in one spot and the binder is small enough that I can pop it in my bag and take it home with me for the night.

Copies of notes, homework, resources, etc. all in one little convenient place.

If you have any great organizational practices in place in your classroom I'd love to hear about it! Leave me a comment and let me know ;) 

HAPPY Tuesday, friends!!!

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  1. I am just so impressed by all of this. Seriously, IMPRESSED!!! You are a rock star, Andrea!


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