Monday, September 19, 2022

Homecoming 2022

 Another Homecoming week is in the books and it was a great one!  I'm in charge of student activities for middle school which means HoCo is my domain and while the week is an absolute whirlwind it's a fun whirlwind which makes the exhaustion worth it ;)

Homecoming is a high school thing but since our school is PK-12 it becomes a bit more of a school-wide spirit week - it reminds me of when McKinney was WAY smaller and the whole town used to come out for the game, parade, etc. since there was only one high school. 

In middle school we do spirit dress up days for the week. High School student government picks the "theme" for all of homecoming and they typically have dress days that go along with the theme (this year was back to the future and they had different decades every day) and middle school will generally do our own dress days that are a little "easier" for middle schoolers to get excited about.  

We kicked off the week with "class colors" - where each grade level is assigned a color and the goal is to wear as much of it as possible.  Staff is always black because #easy...

... 8th grade was pink and 6th was blue (7th was green but I don't have a 7th grader - hahaha)

This day is SIMPLE and is a great way to set the tone for dress up days - it allows kids who are hesitant about how much they want to participate the chance to wear a bandana or some eye black and kind of gauge the rest of the week.  I let 8th graders pick the colors for the grades and this day usually has 100% participation.

Tuesday was mathlete/athlete day - students ALWAYS want a jersey day and this year we added in mathlete and had a bunch of scientists, teachers, doctors, astronauts and several combinations of the two.

Wednesday was "happy holidays" which was a BLAST!  I took one awful pic of my outfit and I had on a fourth of July jacket and Christmas earrings...

... Luke mixed the same and Mason went as Shark Week ;)

Besties ;)

This was probably my favorite day of the whole week - kids went all out and it was fun to see them be really creative (international platypus day, pizza day, etc.).  

Thursday was "throwback" and was also a blast.  I went 90s...

... as did Mason and Luke threw it back to the original Top Gun.

Thursday afternoon was the middle school football game which is where we "crown" MS Homecoming Court.  The kids vote for their peers and we recognize them during halftime of the middle school football game and it's all very short and sweet.  I do pretty presentation bouquets with Trader Joe's flowers...

... and every time I consider phasing this tradition out something flipping precious like this happens and I reconsider ;)  Griffin and Mason have been helping me with this for years and years and since Mason is a middle schooler himself this year Griffin recruited two kindergarteners to assist this year and it couldn't have been cuter.  One has brothers on the team and the other's dad is the coach so it was pretty special as well.

Mason and his besties after the game...

After the middle school game we went right into "tailgate"... it's an all-school event that's like a big pep rally.  The little girls had a cheer clinic the weekend before to learn some cheers and a dance and they got to perform with the middle school and varsity cheerleaders which was darling.

It was approximately 7000 degrees which was awful - hahahaha

MS drumline performed...

... and then there were skits/choreographed dances put on by various student groups and teams. My bots are out there with CC who had the CUTEST little skit...

When you have to bring a wagon to school you know it's a busy day ;)

Got home to an instacart delivery for the dance the next day - hahaha 

Friday was all about blue and gold...

... and MUMS to school! ;)

The sound of ribbons swishing and bells tinkling will never not be one of my favorite sounds.  

Saw these cuties on my way down to the field to watch some powderpuff football...

... and then took a couple of my classes to the gym to watch guys volleyball before lunch.

After school we had a little break and then we headed back to school to meet the lighting company and get some things set up and then went straight to the stadium for the football game.  Griffin sang the national anthem with Honor Choir and then got to cheer with Varsity.  Basically all of her favorite things.

living her very best life!

Mason ran around with friends, Luke played with band...

... and G and I left after halftime to head back to the school and put a few finishing touches on the after-party setup we had done earlier...

We silent discoed from 10 until midnight and then I pretty much limped home ;) hahaha

I'll share alllll the silent disco details tomorrow (this post has been long enough already)!

WHEW! When you put it all together like that it's kind of a lot ;) hahaha  Super grateful for such an awesome school community and for such a fun week! HAPPY Monday, friends!!!


  1. Looks like an amazing week, Andrea! Your school is so lucky to have you! And I hope you took a giant nap on Saturday. hahaha!

  2. You make me tired. 🤣 I hope you rested the other days of the weekend! I am sure you were wiped out, but what a great homecoming week and dance you put on for everyone. I always love reading about these. I hope your day is easy as you start a new week! Anything would be easy after your last week, right? Have a good one!

  3. Please explain these mums and ribbons that are so popular!

  4. Wow!!! Well done!! I know that must have been so much work, but well worth it with all the fun and sweet pictures!!! Your little Griffin is just a doll in those pictures!!! So cute!! Hope you got lots of rest after!!


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