Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Butterfly and Hot Air Balloon Craft Ideas

Today I'm sharing two simple but really beautiful art projects Griffin worked on this summer that you may want to add to your weekend art project list.  The supplies are minimal and the results are so pretty and it would make a great multi-session project for kids who like smaller projects OR a full afternoon project for those who could do art all day ;) 

First up is this butterfly that may be my FAVORITE piece of art she's ever created...

She started with an 11x17 piece of watercolor paper and drew half a butterfly body/wings and then went over her design with black oil pastel (I helped her with the shape of the wings but other than that it was her work on the designs).  She folded it in half, pressed it REALLY hard to duplicate it on the other side and then went over the imprint with black pastel so that the sides were fairly symmetrical.

After that she used  watercolor pens to paint the wings...

After the wings dried she did a blue "wash" for the background.

I MEAN!  It's so pretty and colorful and the plan is to love it forever and ever ;)

She also created a super sweet hot air balloon.  She drew it out in sharpie, painted it with watercolor and then added in a BUNCH of detail with acrylic paint, cotton balls, popsicle sticks, etc ;)

and LOOK HOW SWEET it looks framed!

I am obsessed with the clouds and basket ;)

I found  these inexpensive frames in a two-pack and hung her pieces in the playroom.  I love the pops of color and how well they fit in with the "vibe" of the room.

HAPPY creating, friends!!!

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  1. So creative & talented just like her mama! They are so pretty and look great hanging in your play room! Love all the color!!! 🙂


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