Monday, August 15, 2022

Weekend Recap ;)


Happy Monday, friends!!!  This weekend was just what we needed - some downtime, some "get our junk together" time and a whole lot of rest.  

Friday was a super fun day - we do an "on campus retreat" for our middle schoolers and these two besties were dressed and ready bright and early.

After a full day of games, skits, popsicles, child wrangling, etc. and then another few hours of prepping for the next week or so my watch echoed my feelings....

... and I picked up pizza and headed home to shamelessly eat it in bed ;)  No joking I ate a couple of pieces, cleaned up and was in bed ASLEEP by 8:30.  AMEN.

Saturday morning the boys had a team run at 7:30 am and then I helped G prep for her very first dance audition!  Her studio is putting on a Christmas show and she is SO EXCITED!  She had to have a little dance resume and headshot and it was the cutest ever.


I mean - WHO IS THIS TEEN?!?!?!

G-squared stretched and ready!

After the audition we ran downtown to grab a new pair of ballet shoes (she had to squeeze her toes into them for the audition - hahaha)...

... and did a little bit of browsing as well ;)

It was a GORGEOUS day on the square!

The rest of Saturday afternoon pretty much consisted of this...

Naps all around!

And Saturday night was a movie/send a bunch of emails night ;)

Sunday morning was an exciting day because it was "promotion Sunday" and Griffin moved up a Sunday School class and Mason moved to youth group.

I thought I was okay but it was so weird only walking one kid into the building that we've been taking multiple kids to for so many years. Bittersweet!

We had to make a post-church grocery pit-stop and LOOK WHAT WE SAW!!!!  It's still way too hot and early to put them out at home but it's definitely fun to see pumpkins out and about!

Had to snap a pic with our mat ;) hahahaha

Sunday afternoon we did a whole bunch of prep for the week - tidying and cleaning that I didn't do on Saturday because #naps and some meal prep and organization for the week (is this a post y'all would like to see??? Let me know!)

I took zero pics Sunday night but it was the regular family dinner, games and early to bed for the kids and some schoolwork prep for me.  Praise Jesus. 

HAPPY Monday, friends!!!


  1. Yes, I would LOVE to see a post about your meal prep & organization for the week. I start back to work in 3 weeks & would love some ideas on how to get my stuff together!!!! Also, how do you get those wavy curls in Griffin's hair???

  2. I need that soup recipe! Looks delicious!

  3. Yes! I would also love to see a post about meal prep and organization for the week. These are the posts I like the most!

  4. Yes, please share your get ready and organized for the week tips! Also, what is the delicious looking soup?

    It has been pretty mild in Ohio this summer (not many/any days over 90 degrees) but I am definitely looking forward to September weather (and pumpkins)!

  5. Yes! Please post about your meal prep & organization for the week. This momma needs some ideas!

  6. I would love to see a meal prep post! What soup is in this post? It looks delicious!

  7. YES!! Please post about meal prep and organization. Both kids are in school this year and week one about did me in. There was LOTS of take out.

  8. Looks like a great weekend! I'd love to see a weekend organization / meal prep post too.

  9. OMG I LOVE Griffins hair! Her cut looks SO cute!


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