Monday, August 8, 2022

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, friends!  This weekend was a BUSY one - most importantly MY KIDS ARE HOME FROM CAMP!  There is nothing better than having all your kids in one spot!

Friday night Dave and I lived our best kid-free life eating takeout enchiladas in bed ;) hahaha

Dave had appointments on Saturday afternoon so my mom met me EARLY and we headed out on the couple hour drive to camp.

First pickup was GG JOY!  She had THE BEST week and it was so fun to hear her counselors talk about her and meet some of the friends she made last week.

REUNITED!!!  Griffin had a separate closing show from the boys so we made our way back inside for the sky 3/4 and Morph/Quest show and then outside to meet up with the boys.


Mason had no voice (his norm for pickup day) and wrapped up his 5th year at camp with some great new friends.

Luke had three school friends with him this past week and had a BLAST!  He had great counselors and it's so fun to see him make connections with these amazing young men.

REUNITED!!!  I was so happy to hear that these three had seen each other a few times during the week and listening to them talk all the way home and then all afternoon about their weeks was the best.

One VERY happy mama ;)

One quick stop for lunch and a 2 hours drive later and then we were home!

Rosie was VERY excited ;)

And, believe it or not, I was also VERY excited to tackle this laundry mountain.  I'm actually being serious.  Love having them (and their stinky laundry) home and love getting everything clean and smelling good and feeling like I'm taking care of them again.  I know, I'm weird ;) Typically once we get home they work on emptying out their trunks of all the "stuff" that they come home with (snacks, trinkets, ALL THE THINGS), everyone takes a long shower and I start on washing everything that can be washed ;). They have to put it all away but I'll happily wash, dry and fold it all.

Home, showered, pajama'd, snuggled and snacking on the couch.  Be still my heart.

We spent pretty much all Saturday afternoon/evening just catching up, talking, eating dinner and then this happened...


Sunday Mason played in the summer league championship game and they fought hard and came in second.  This will more than likely be Mason's last football game and I'm not quite ready to process my thoughts on that ;). Someday!

After the game we eased the pain at Cracker Barrel ;) hahaha

HAPPY Monday, friends!!!


  1. Those letters are the sweetest! I don't know why, but Luke's made me a little teary. Those young men counselors are leaving an impression that will last a lifetime. I would have loved for my boys to have attended something like that when they were younger! They did youth camps with church friends, which were good, but not the same. What a sweet time for them! I can't imagine how your heart was overflowing at the sweet words lavished on them. I'm hoping for a great week for all of you and an easy start for getting back into a routine!

  2. Oh my goodness! I just love the camp photos so much!! This post gave me all the happy feels!

  3. What a blessing those letters are. It warms a mom's heart when others SEE your kids for who they are, and celebrate their strengths. Welcome back!


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