Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Amazon Lately

Another month of prime purchases are on the agenda today!

First up is  this set of camera protectors/covers for my phone.  My last camera cover cracked (but did the job, apparently!) and these were super simple to put on and look great.

A new gentle leader for Rosie showed up on my porch after she chewed the clip on her last one...

and I ordered Two sets of these socks for the boys for back to school.

I bought a set of these luggage tags to put on their camp trunks and laundry bags...

... and  these biotin gummies after noticing my nails were getting kind of brittle.  I'll keep you posted if I end up thinking they work!

I bought this set of three washable tote bags to use as my lunch bags for the year.  I don't really need anything insulated since I put my lunch in my mini fridge but I love the print and thought it would be perfect to throw my containers in to tote them back and forth to my classroom fridge.

I grabbed  three of these laundry bags for camp...

... and we picked up  three of these Stanley straw cups for school.  They're THE BEST!!!

I ordered one of  these XL cotton baskets for our bedroom to throw the giant stack of books in and LOVE that that messy pile is now kind of "hidden" and the basket seriously is HUGE!

I ordered this koala pencil pouch for my koala-obsessed Griffin...

... and I needed some notecards and thought  these smiley ones were DARLING

I also ordered  these joke cards to put in the boys trunks for camp (they opted out of camp mail this year but I stuck these in random parts of their trunk and they both told me that they liked them) and will pop them into their lunches on occasion this school year.

I ordered  a new teacher planner for the year - it's the same one I've used for the past several years and it's THE BEST...

and this vegetable chopper helps me to make recipes that I would normally put off making because it involved too much chopping ;)

This muslin blanket was a super random purchase but I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! I LOVE a blanket but it's 9000 degrees here and I don't always want a big fluffy warm blanket on me and this is like a giant muslin swaddling blanket for adults.  It gets softer every time you wash it and the color is SO PRETTY!

HAPPY Tuesday, friends!!!

PS - this post contained affiliate links.  Thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog!


  1. Hi Andrea. Do you actually write your lesson plans. I seem to recall a post about it. I have been teaching for 27 years and am actually considering returning to a written lesson plan. I love the planner.

  2. that chopper makes dicing so easy!


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