Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Back to School Brinner


Happy Wednesday, friends!  Our first day back was yesterday which means one of favorite nights of the year was Monday evening - our Back to School Brinner!  

This tradition was born in 2016 when I really wanted to do a cute themed first day of school breakfast BUT knew it was impossible since we leave so early for school.  I decided to do "breakfast for dinner" the night before school and it's PERFECT because it's a special meal we don't do often and we have plenty of leftovers for breakfasts during the week.


Our menu has kind of been nailed down over the years and if I even suggest mixing things up a bit my kids protest A LOT ;). I make a double batch of  Shay's Ultimage Sausage Balls, scramble a ton of eggs and then set out fruit/yogurt and misc pastries ;)

Mason helped with the sausage balls...

... and Griffin did the eggs.  Sometimes I get sad thinking that they're not going to like these little traditions as they get older but instead of not enjoying them they want to be involved which makes me SO HAPPY!

I pulled together the decor from pieces I had at home - my favorite part is the folders I use as placemats.  This year the plate/charger was a little off center since the napkins made the surface uneven and I thought they looked so cute.

The little globes were a homegoods find years ago...

... and these little pencil clips were Target Dollar Spot years ago.

We eat, talk about our favorite parts of summer, pray for our teachers and set a few goals.  It's low key and something I look forward to all year long.  When I shared this on Instagram the other night I had dozens of comments saying that y'all have started this tradition after seeing us do it and seriously nothing makes me happier.

HAPPY Back to school season, friends!!!


  1. What a PERFECT night! This looks amazing as always! XO

  2. I thought about you guys last night when I was making my dinner! I hope you all had the BEST day!

  3. Definitely one that I have adopted over here! Thanks for sharing!

  4. As a working mom myself, there is nothing better than breakfast for dinner! I hope y'all have a great school year!!


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