Monday, July 18, 2022

Seven Questions

You are TOO KIND!  I wash my hair about twice a week and I'm SUPER BASIC when it comes to products.  I typically wash it at night and use Pantene Sheer Volume shampoo, the Colleen Rothschild Quench and Shine Restorative Mask and then I shampoo again but generally just like my scalp and bangs (those areas get "dirtier" quicker and I find that shampooing after conditioning helps them stay cleaner feeling).  I shower at night, put two pumps of moroccanoil on it (focusing on the ends) and pull up as much of my hair as I can in a silk scrunchie and then in the morning I'll use this heat protectant dry it with this dryer brush and then hit any kinks or waves with my flat iron.  I also use this serum on my finished hair and will often use this before I blow dry.  I've been trying to minimize heat and not blow dry my hair from sopping wet anymore and I've definitely seen a difference in breakage.  

What a fun question!!!

Luke - some sort of engineer
I definitely see Luke in some sort of engineering or maybe architectural profession.  Something detail-oriented, project-based and innovative.  When we were in NYC at the American Museum of Natural History he was totally enthralled with the details in all of the exhibits... like the fact that it was someones job to design those paying attending to the teeniest tiniest details like leaf litter, tiny pebbles, etc.

Mason - camp coordinator
Mason LIVES for all things camp and is always down for a good time.  He's fun and creative and enthusiastic and I could totally see him working at a camp full time.

Griffin - art teacher
Griffin has changed her mind from wanting to be a dentist to wanting to be an art teacher and I can TOTALLY see her doing this! 

I struggle too!!! I typically have a good, solid cry the week before I head back to school because I'm SO SAD that summer is over but then I always get super excited once I get back into my classroom, start planning things, getting my classroom in order, seeing teacher friends, etc.  I do do a couple of things to try and make my life easier and the transition back to working full time easier... 

- I try to make some meals ahead of time that I can pull out of the freezer on busy nights

- I meal plan (this is not my favorite thing to do - hahaha) but it definitely helps me feel less frazzled when I get home at the end of the day.  Even if all we're going to have is hot dogs I'll write it down on the plan ;)

- I get my house deep cleaned.  We don't have a house keeper on the regular but I do like to have someone come in and do a deep cleaning once we're back in school.

Ooooh! I love this question, too!

Henry Edward McAnally - Henry was my grandfather's name and Edward is Dave's middle name - I think that would be so cute!

Darby Fae McAnally - I LOVE the name Darby... it was never high on Dave's list but I think it's DARLING and Fae is his grandmother's middle name.  

If you love baby name talk you can check out  this post where I talked about how we picked each of our kids names.

No! hahaha ;)  I've just never been a huge fan and years ago I stopped wearing things because I was "supposed to" and really just started wearing what I loved and felt comfortable in which for me is dresses! Here are a few that I'm loving! (that first blue one is one that y'all have asked about every time I've worn it and it's on sale right now!)

Winter - I love wearing beanies, when you breathe in and it kind of hurts a little bit because the air is cold, and all things snuggly - nights in, bundling up outside, big coats, etc.

Spring - I love going on walks after dinner and seeing everything starting to turn green.

Summer - I love a good pool day and the REST that comes from being home with my kids.  I love night swimming and road trips!

Fall - ALL THE THING!  Pumpkins, leaves, cinnamon, crisp air, football games - sign. me. up.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, apple donuts, etc.

Day 1 for us is a short day so I typically just do an intro of myself, go over supplies and then introduce my "You, By the Numbers" assignment that's due on the last day of the first week.  I have a whole presentation that I walk through outlining my classroom policies and expectations and it typically takes me the first short class and then next regular period to go over everything.  Sometimes on the second day I'll ask kids to write down two truths and a lie and they turn them in and I'll pull a couple out over the first week or two either at the beginning or end of class until we've done everyones.  

My example from 5 years ago makes me laugh because we had one pet ;)

HAPPY Monday, friends!!!

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  1. I have done your "Me by the Numbers" project with my class for the past 5 years! It's always so fun & I enjoy making my example every year too!

  2. Great post! I wish I had had your "Me by the Numbers" when I was a MS math teacher! Such a great activity. Thank you for your hair tips. . .I've not used serums in the past but may check them out.


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