Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Amazon Lately

This has been a FUN month on my prime account ;) hahaha 

First up are  these Diva air fresheners... we use this detergent (I'm aware that this is a polarizing topic of conversation - hahahaha) and I use these car air fresheners to keep our linen closet smelling FRESH! I open it about half way and then leave it in my sunscreen tub on one of the shelves and the whole closet smells INCREDIBLE! When I start noticing the scent is dissipating I'll open it the rest of the way and get another few weeks out of the scent.  

When Luke goes to camp the guys in his cabin like to play poker in their free time.  In years past he's asked for a huge bag of jolly ranchers to play with but the problem is that everybody wants to keep their winnings and by the end of the week everyone's candy stashes are depleted and they don't have anything to play with ;) Easy solution? Poker chips! hahaha. He has one of those nice poker sets but didn't want to take his weighted chips and all of that so I bought  this pack of 200 chips, threw them in a gallon ziplock and he's ready to go for camp!

Both my boys got braces this month and we are now the proud owners of  two of these water picks.  At first we thought they could share and just change the tips but they spend the night apart at friends houses, camps, etc. and so it was just easier to get two....

... which means I ordered  a couple of these so that they could have said water picks charging in their bathroom.

Okay -  these sleepbuds were a SPLURGE but let me tell you... I haven't slept this well in FOREVER!!!!  I'm a heavy sleeper once I'm asleep BUT hear EVERYTHING when I'm trying to fall asleep.  Every creak, toilet running, car down the street and the snoring next to me.  I tried sleeping with my airpods in and white noise playing but they weren't at all comfortable when I was trying to fall asleep and if I managed to fall asleep they were out of my ears and pretty much lost in the morning.  

Enter the Bose sleepbuds.  I did my research and bit the bullet and it was true love from the third night on.  The first two nights I woke up in the night because they were making the tragus part of my ear sore but that third night and on I've had zero issues and I sleep like a BABY!  

Couple of things - these aren't headphones... you can't connect them to your phone and listen to anything other than the sounds from the Bose sleep app.  Essentially they're a stupid expensive sound machine that goes inside your ear.  But they work like magic!  

If you've been on the fence let this be my ringing endorsement of them!

I mentioned that Mason fell IN LOVE with the sea lions at Central Park Zoo and so when I saw  this glass sea lion ornament on Amazon I knew it was a must for him ;). It's so pretty in person!

I also ordered  this lamp ornament as a memento from our time in NYC and the Aladdin show. 

My kids head to camp in a few weeks and G asked if I was going to paint the car windows this year so I immediately went and ordered  this set of markers - I usually forget and then am scrambling to find some to use the night before so this year consider me prepared!

Multiple pounds of rainbow sprinkles. Enough said. ;). I used these on Dave's Father's Day cake and we've also enjoyed them on ice cream and fairy bread!

I hosted a little mermaid spa party for a few of G's friends and  these plates and napkins were the perfect under the sea touch.

Summer declutter is in full swing and I ordered  these drawer dividers....

... and  this ziplock bag organizer and I LOVE THEM BOTH!!! 

We packed carry ons for NYC (my preferred way to pack) and needed a couple more suitcases and I grabbed two of these and couldn't be more pleased.  They're simple, inexpensive and look brand new after our trip.  No complaints!

I had one of these chopper things a couple of years ago and it broke (boo!) but I reordered a different brand this week because the prospect of chopping onions for a recipe was making me ponder ordering pizza instead ;) hahahaha. I've used it multiple times already (I typically only use the small dicing attachment) and love it so much!

We realized when Griffin went to a volleyball camp a couple of weeks ago and had to wear sneakers multiple days in a row that she has somehow lost pretty much every pair of socks she had and the ones she had left were dingy and too small.  Thank goodness for prime and this pack of socks that will hopefully last her at least through the first quarter of school ;:)

Camp prep is in full swing over here and I've primed a couple of  these tropical print button downs...

... and  a set of alien antennae ;). LOVE US SOME CAMP!!!

Happy Wednesday, friends!!!

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  1. I just spent way too much time looking into that suitcase. I love it!

  2. I'm so intrigued by your sound machine ear buds. Does it hurt if you sleep on your side?


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