Thursday, July 14, 2022

Mermaid Party

 At our school auction this past Spring we bought a "spa night with senior girls" where a group of girls would come to your house and hang out painting nails, playing games, etc. G and her friends IDOLIZE the older girls at school so we were excited to get to do this and ended up pushing the date to the summer due to general end-of-the-year craziness.  We hosted it a couple of weekends ago and it was just the sweetest little night...

I had found this cute mermaid tail tray at Homegoods and thought about how cute it would be as a dessert tray and the mermaid theme was born ;) 

I filled the tray with lots of little pink, purple and blue goodies for them to top their popcorn with...

... and then went way overboard making everything look cute and fun ;)

The mermaid tail bath bombs were a TJ Maxx find, the gel masks and bath sponges were from Dollar Tree and the spa headbands I grabbed on Amazon  HERE.  There were patterns in the package that I didn't use and so I set those aside and will use them in a care package when G goes to camp.

Face masks and  lip balms were a Target find and the flower hair clips are from TJ Maxx.

I ran into Target to grab some face masks and found  these little wooden sea shells on sale for $1.50!  STEAL!  I picked out  some mermaid colored paints and  this package of glitter (lots of additional colors I didn't set out!) and set them all out on a cute tie dye tray for a craft.

I had  these little accessory bags stuck in my gift closet (I paid $4 for them on clearance at TJ Maxx forever ago) and we set them out for the girls to put their lip balms, headbands, clips, etc. in as favor bags.

We also pulled out my camping mattress and laid out a bunch of pink and purple blankets for the movie.

Everyone arrived at 6:00 and the giggling started immediately ;). The senior girls did manicures...

... and face masks....

... and even lip masks!  They snacked on pizza and fruit sometime in here too ;)

Watching these older girls (who I taught when they were in middle school) laugh and play and be SO SWEET with these little girls was the absolute best.  They talked about school and homework and dance and American Girl dolls and it couldn't have been more darling.

The girls jumped in the pool (quickly ruining all of their manis - hahahaha)...

... and Mason and Luke spent what felt like forever trying to flip them off the tumble track while they squealed ;)

The girls game in, got into pjs and start painting their sea shells.

... and after sea shells they snuggled up with the older girls before they headed out...

... and got their popcorn ready for some Sing 2 ;)

Everyone had church the next morning so we capped the night off at 10:00 and Griffin was passed out on that palette about 4 mins after her last friend got picked up ;)

It was the SWEETEST little night and something that I hope these girls remember when THEY'RE seniors and doing sparkle manicures for some little girls.

HAPPY Thursday, friends!!!

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  1. So cute! Seeing that picture of Luke and Mason trying to flip those girls off the raft-- I foresee years coming when Griffin's friends will develop crushes on her older brothers! Maybe not, but something about that picture made me think that those days are coming. ;) Your kids are all so cute...the boys are SO handsome...and Luke looks like a giant, he's so tall! I hope you're having a great week at family camp! Thanks for sharing your adventures on Instagram!


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