Monday, June 6, 2022

Summer Structure

 I've been asked several times lately how we're "structuring" summer - schedules, screen time, reading, etc.  I feel like this post is a little bit scattered because with kid activities, camps, friends, sleepovers, etc. there's no firm schedule but here's some general info of how our days look...


Mornings look a little different than I thought they would since the boys have been doing cross country, but here's a few details...

- We stay in bed as long as possible ;) 

- After the boys run is when we typically kind of get our mornings started

- Mornings are when I try to run errands

- Mornings are when the kids have pet "chores" to do like feeding the animals, changing water, bathing Meatloaf, etc.

- NO SCREENS before lunch (if they ask then they lose them for later in the day because #savage)

- Mornings are generally when the kids will work on their math workbooks, get out toys/stuff to play with, etc.

- Mornings are when I like to run the washing machine, have the kids unload the dishwasher, do my quiet time and get some of my cleaning tasks done.


- After lunch we generally have some "chill time" where they can read, do a quiet activity (hang in their room, draw, friendship bracelets, etc). 

- If we have screen time it's typically in the later afternoon and the time, honestly, varies day to day.  Some days it's 30 minutes on their ipads, other days it's a movie followed by X-Box, other days it's nothing.  It varies on weather, attitudes ;), what I'm working on, how well they're getting along, etc.  I don't like having hard and fast rules about it because then they "expect" a certain amount of time.  Being flexible has just worked best for our family. 

- I try to have my screen time while they have theirs.  I will work on my blog while they have their screen time and it works out well.


We typically swim a couple of different times... if we haven't had a busy morning my kids will generally get in the water late morning, eat lunch outside, swim for a bit more after lunch and head in later in the afternoon for their chill/screen time.  If it's been a busier morning then we'll usually do our regular routine and head out around 3:00 and sometimes stay outside until it's dark.  Sometime it's both!


- I've been trying to get the kids in the kitchen to help more this summer since we're not on any kind of time crunch with activities.

- After dinner we like to play games, go on walks, swim, play golf, etc.

- Most nights we do watch a show or movie all together

You can check out a day in the life from last summer  HERE and read about some of our favorite "boredom busters" HERE.  (PS - I'll do another day in the life summer post soon and will share some of what our day looks like today over on IG!)

I'm hoping that answered your summer schedule and screen time questions BUT keep in mind that every day looks different - there are super productive days and days where the most productive thing I do is a puzzle.  Screen-free days and then days where they watch all three Hotel Transylvania movies in a row ;) I try to say YES as much as possible to friends and outings and late nights and attempt to strike a balance between rest, family time and activities.  

HAPPY Monday and happy summer, friends!!!

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  1. I'd love to hear a list of your family's favorite movies. We're always looking for new movie night options :)


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