Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Amazon Lately

 Today I'm sharing a few of the things that I've found on Amazon and LOVED!

First up on my list of purchases is  this suit that I bought for Luke's semi-formal.  It fit him really well and I was super impressed with the quality.  

I actually ended up hemming his pants with  this clothing tape and it worked out well!  A friend of mine used some as well to hem her sons tux for prom! ;)

I bought  this calendar and we're all loving it.  I keep it on the fridge so everyone can have a visual of the important things like camps, play dates and what we're having for dinner ;) It's large and Mason and G have enjoyed coloring in the months.

I bought  this football for pool play this summer and so far it's been awesome!

Y'all know I have a love of Turkish towels - they're what I use for pool and bath towels, what I use in my kitchen and now what I use in our bathrooms as hand towels as well.   I picked up  this set when I did the great towel purge and it felt so good to throw away all my mismatched and dingy guest towels.

I've been gradually fixing up Meatloaf's enclosure and added  this larger hide for him and he LOVES it.  It's cool because you can shape it however you need - a ramp, a bridge, a hide, etc.

I ordered  this mat (gray) in the largest size possible to TRY and help with the water bowl issues Rosie has - and by issues I mean that she somehow gets water from one end of the room to the other.  It's helped more than I thought it would and has been easy to clean.

On my manic summer-cleaning list I added ceiling fans that I haven't cleaned in way-too-long to the list and ordered  these telescoping microfiber cleaners.  So far they've gotten a football out of the tree and have yet to clean a fan but I can personally attest to their telescoping abilities ;)

I HAVE used  this puracy cleaner and LOVE IT.  I've bought their handsoap for years and years and love the cleaner just as much.  The scent isn't overpowering and it does a great job on counters, appliances, etc.


My most random purchase was  this astronaut kitty nightlight :)  Griffin was going to a friends birthday party and when I asked what she liked she goes, "well, she's really into astronaut cats" so astronaut cats it was!  hahaha  It was actually SUPER cute and Aly couldn't have been more excited.

My kids can typically manage to keep up with their goggles all summer long but somehow between summer's end and next summer's start they disappear.  I ordered all three kids  new goggles and they're still as great as always.

I also ordered  a new pool basketball - this one is our favorite.

Happy Monday and happy shopping, friends! 

PS - this post contained affiliate links... thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog!

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  1. Our pup has that same issue of getting water everywhere - we use the bowl below on top of one of those mats you show above and it has been a game changer!



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