Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Easter & G's Birthday

Griffin's birthday fell on Easter this year and we had the best day!

We started the morning off with Easter baskets...

... which included  matching Easter pjs ;) hahaha
Joke's on my kiddos though because they're literally the silkiest, softest things ever and my boys can't get enough.


We followed that up with some bunny cinnamon rolls and extra crispy bacon...

... and then off to church we went.

There's always one ;) 

After church we came home and did a little dinner prep...

... and I got some balloons up and set the table for G's birthday Easter dinner.

LOOK HOW SWEET it turned out!!!

I found the easter egg plates at Homegoods which kind of set the theme and I worked off of those colors.


My parents came over and Mason and G opened a few presents...

And then it was time to EAT!

Y'all.  I candied some pecans and we added those, some bacon and some fresh dill to our regular deviled eggs and they are OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!


I also glazed some carrots which I've never done before and holy yum why haven't I been doing that forever?!?!

After dinner we went on a walk and then sung to our girl with her dessert of choice... cheesecake.

... and ended the night with our annual "golden egg" competition that she wins EVERY SINGLE YEAR much to the dismay of her brothers.

Such a fun day and the PERFECT way to celebrate our girl!

HAPPY Wednesday, friends!!!



  1. Looks like a wonderful day!! When I started reading your post, I thought, I need to message her about those pjs. Then you posted. You read my mind! ;) They are adorable!

  2. How do you blow up your balloons?

  3. Sweet Griffin! I'm so happy she had a wonderful birthday!!

  4. Your celebrations are always so awesome! And I'm going to have to find me that cake stand. Its the perfect size!!

  5. So sweet!! Our little one isn’t a fan of dresses like her older sister but loves her Little Sleepies and Kyte baby pj’s! I told my husband we’d be saving on the Matilda Jane with this one but making up for it with the bamboo pj’s😂😂 The matching does me in every time!

  6. I love all the Spring/Summer clothes you guys are wearing already! Super jealous of the shorts and summer dresses you're kiddos are wearing! I'm in the Midwest where it snowed last week, and I'm wearing joggers and a hoodie today b/c it's in the 40's!
    Happy Birthday to your crew!


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