Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Celebrating Mason

Mason turned 11 this past weekend and we've had the best time celebrating him with family and friends!

On Friday we had his party at a local Whirlyball place - which I had never heard of before we were googling fun spots for parties. 

There were two teams of 5 electric bumper cars and the kids had to go around, scoop up some plastic balls and then throw them at the other teams target.  The cars didn't have breaks so there was a TON of bumping and it was absolutely hilarious to watch.

They played three rounds of whirly ball and then headed to the laser tag arena for a few rounds of battle ;)

After that they headed back to the party room for pizza, cupcakes and general shenanigans ;)

The place was hilariously dated and brought back ALLLLLL the nineties feels and everyone had a blast.  If you're local and looking for a fun party option it's worth checking out.

Decked out in Cowboys gear from his buddies after the party ;)

On Saturday morning he woke up ELEVEN!  We kicked off the day with chicken minis (he would have loved to have eaten all of those himself but we all shared - hahaha)...

Saturday night we surprised him with a "Saved by the Bell" dinner at "The Max" ;)

I ordered a "nineties' balloon arch kit from Amazon and then added Saved by the Bell UNO cards to it - hahaha

Cookie Cake with a sticker that I cut out and put on toothpicks to make a cake topper...

... all the neon!

Kept things simple and yummy with burgers and fries...

... and when it was time for presents he opened up his packages to find three pieces of paper....

... I made a Saved by the Bell trivia crossword puzzle and ten of the spaces were highlighted.  The highlighted letters unscrambled to spell out TRAMPOLINE and he ran outside to find...

... a mini bike! 

We paused dinner to test it out...

... and then came back in for cookie cake and ice cream.

We had the BEST TIME celebrating Mason!  Here are links to a few of the fun things from this post ;) (affiliate links)


  1. Oh that looks so fun! And, who doesn't love Chicken Minis with all the Chick-fil-A sauce! Happy Birthday to Mason!!

  2. Seriously - best way to celebrate ELEVEN!

  3. The best! He must have felt so special :)

  4. Love the Saved By The Bell theme. So cute!!

  5. I am all in my feels over this SBTB party.....

  6. Mason and I literally have the same birthday goals. ;)

  7. Your cute/fun/awesome parties for the kids make me want to go back to when my own were at home and parties/birthdays were a big deal...almost. LOL. Now I have to make their birthdays a big deal from afar, and it's so hard!

  8. Both parties sound like so much fun and I am just loving that Saved By the Bell theme! I used to watch that show religiously!!


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