Wednesday, February 23, 2022

What's Up Wednesday

  Today I'm linking up with  Shay and  Sheaffer to talk a little bit about what's been going on around here!

We've eaten more than just Shake Shack this week BUT this is by far the most notable thing ;) 

This week I've been doing A LOT of reminiscing. This weekend will mark 5 years since Manda passed away and I just miss her so much.  I heard grief described one time as a sharp pain that becomes dull but constant and then lessens to the point where you don't feel it constantly but if something touches it it still hurts and I feel like that's where I am.  

I've shared this before but here I go again because it's one of my my fondest memories...

We rang in Manda's birthday in STYLE (think limo, feather boas, drinks, dinner, Sofia the First tiara I pulled out of my purse... the whole deal).  Jeni missed the celebration because she was had a baby that same day so we swung the limo through the hospital on our way home (yes.... we called first and yes she asked us to come).  On the way up to her room I snapped this picture in the elevator and it's one of my favorite pictures ever because it captures exactly how much fun we have as a group.  I will NEVER forget that night and the wonderful conversation I got to have with Manda when I drove her home that night - one that I'll treasure forever.

These cute 5th grade Math Olympians ;) 

Celebrating TWOSDAY with tutus at dance ;)

Finishing off my birthday strawberry cake :) hahaha

Big Memories Little Details sent me a  St. Patrick's Day box to check out and I am SO EXCITED!!!

It's filled with tableware, leprechaun trap supplies, stickers, slap bracelets, etc. and everything is DARLING!

I MEAN!!! Everything you could possibly need and all conveniently packaged and ready to go with directions! EASY!

We're supposed to get ice over the next couple of days and I'm dreading it!  One "winter event" a year is plenty for me!

We just finished The Tinder Swindler and OH MY WORD!!! Hard to believe that it's real life!

I'm currently listening to  Confessions of a Domestic Failure and am LOVING IT!

I'm still loving all things Nuuly!

Celebrating this cutie turning TWO! (sidenote - can we talk about how much Luke has changed in two years??? What in the world!)

SPRING BREAK!!! We have no plans (amen!) and I'm excited to have time to do nothing! To let the kids play, see where the day takes us and RELAX!

The country club posted a few pictures from the daddy daughter dance on facebook and this one showed up and could it be any sweeter?!?!?!

HAPPY Wednesday, friends!

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  1. The elevator picture will always and forever be my favorite. xx

  2. There were 14 ads in your posting today. It makes it difficult to read your post. Is this something you could change? It wasn't always like that. Thanks!

    1. Hi, hilda! The issue has been taken care of on my end - try clearing your browser's cache and that should clear it up!
      ;) Andrea


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