Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Valentines Day 2022


Valentines is one of my FAVORITE days of the year... I love the pink and red, the gift giving and emphasis on telling people sweet things.  I LOVE IT!  

Mason and G tackled their Valentine's boxes this weekend and they both turned out SO CUTE!!!  Griffin made a gumball machine...

... and Mason made a basketball court.  I CAN NOT BELIEVE That this is his last elementary school Valentine's Day!  BE STILL MY HEART!

Mason "pulled a Luke" (who remembers when Luke did this in 5th grade) and asked for something "totally plain" and "not cute" to attach to his stickers for his friends. 

Griffin decided to go a little more cutesy but she passed out stickers as well...

I went up to school on Sunday and prepped a festive balloon banner for Monday (I purchased this kit) and the whole thing took less than an hour to do...


Mason and G had class parties...

... I got some STUNNING flowers....

... and sported the cutest festive earrings from a friend :)

After school I headed home to add a little bit of festive to the table...

... and cooked a big homecooked meal.  Just kidding.  WE had chick-fil-a. AMEN.

Dave gave G some flowers (a tradition)...

... and we ended the night grading papers and sorting through Valentines boxes. 

Hoping y'all had a love-filled day yesterday!


  1. I love that Dave gives Griffin flowers for Valentine's day! My mom and dad both did this for me when I was growing up- she always had them sent to school and they had to call me to the office to pick them up and everything. I felt so loved and special! Nobody else ever got that like I did...they may have later, but it made an impact on me. I also love both their faces in the pictures you took while he did that. Frame-worthy! It looks like everyone had a great day! I could eat that whole cookie plate, by the way. Ha! Have a good one, friend.

  2. It's your BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Oh my goodness! I love you so much. Texting you right now on your way to school. xoxoxoxo

  3. Happy birthday!! I hope you have a great day!

  4. What a fun Valentine's day y'all had!!


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