Thursday, February 3, 2022

Day In The Life - Last Tuesday

Happy Thursday, friends!!!  Today I'm sharing a day in the life from last Tuesday which is ironic because today we're home and doing absolutely NOTHING because of an impending snow/ice storm.  Here we go!

6:25 a.m. - Up and at 'em... kind of ;)  This was my favorite kind of day (second day hair) so I got to sleep in a bit because there would be minimal effort required to make it look presentable. 

I've LOVED  this exfoliating bar from Drunk Elephant and decided to try out  the cleansing bar about a month ago and I'm OBSESSED!  I use it every morning and most nights and it leaves my face SO FRESH feeling.

I followed that up with a little bit of  this moisturizer and then did my makeup.  I'm super basic but here's what I use...

6:40 - Everyone is up, dressed and getting ready for the morning.

6:46 - Dressed, ready and trying to snap an outfit pic...

... when this kid crashed my selfie :)

I had to pack up my grading mess from the night before...

... helped get some toast/sandwiches made...

... and got a pork roast in the crockpot.

6:59 - Got Mason's hair fixed and headed out the door.

7:07 - Loaded up and about to head to school.

We pulled in right at 7:17 and had to hang in the parking lot for just a bit to finish this scene in Mighty Ducks 3 ;) hahaha

Griffin earned a "bring a fluffy friend" award at school and was looking SO SWEET with Perry.

We got into my classroom and got the candle going and twinkle lights turned on.  And yes... my Christmas tree is still up and running ;) hahaha

7:23 - I swung by the work room to grab my copies that I started running on my way out the door on Monday night and I was THANKFUL because look at that error message.  THE WORST!

I headed back to my classroom and found this cute scene.  They typically hang in my classroom until 7:30 when they head down to their classrooms.  

Same, Moose.  Same.

Classes start at 7:40 so I took a few minutes to get my stuff out and ready for class and stuck some stickers on tests that I graded the night before. (stickers HERE)

I taught first period (they worked on a geometry "modern art" assignment) and before second period I rand to the workroom to grab a few extra grid pages for the next class.

I spent second period on the same geometry project  and while students were working and in between answering questions and checking on progress I worked on switching some of my notes from old Smart presentations to my more current notes printouts.

9:18 - it's our mid-morning "snack break" (an extended passing period) and I headed to the workroom to fill up my water cup, grab a banana and hang out with my co-workers.  

Algebra started at 9:30 and I taught a lesson on factoring polynomials completely and factoring by grouping and then the kids got to work on their assignment.  Typically I structure my classes with a short intro ("who did something fun yesterday they want to tell us about" or a story from me a funny pic, etc.), then I'll collect their homework from the previous night and answer any questions, then we do the lesson, usually a quick follow-up activity (kahoot, versa-tiles, etc.) and then time for them to get started on their homework while I'm there to monitor progress, answer questions, etc.

10:35 - Algebra is over and I had my first of three sections of Pre-Algebra.  They were taking a test (praise hands! hahaha) and so I monitored that and worked on some activities for upcoming lessons...

... and filed some grading.

My second section was working on their test and I worked on another section of notes...

... made a cup of tea...

... and then grabbed some copies...

... before heading to lunch duty ;) 

After lunch my Honors PreAlgebra class was taking a test so I kept an eye on them doing that and then made an answer key for the Algebra homework I assigned to my previous class...

... as well as a key for an upcoming activity for my pre-algebra classes...

... and got myself organized a bit for what I needed/wanted to get done during my planning periods.

1:22 - PreAlgebra ended and I immediately got my audiobook going...

.... and made a beeline to the workroom to finish my copying and grabbed an orange while I waited.

I spent the rest of my planning period prepping things for the week...

... counting the items that Middle School collected during a recent drive for our local VFW so that I could send out a thank you email...

... and scheduling a few Google classroom posts.

School got out at 3:15 and this cutie decided to hang out in my classroom with me instead of going to ESS ;) I was in the middle of a very serious pen reorganization situation that had gotten out of control. hahaha

MUCH better. 

I checked on my to-do-list and got it started for the next day...

Luke had robotics after school so these two helped me close up my classroom...

... and we were home by about 4:25 to check on the pork...

... take Rosise out for a walk...

... and get ready for ballet.

The turtles had spent the day inside because it was chilly earlier that morning so Mason brought them to their outside enclosure for some sunshine and worms...

... and while my plan was to run the vacuum I ended up on the couch eating a snack...

... and doing mindless things like word puzzles...

... and watching videos of people making art of out sweet potatoes.  hahahaha

I eventually got myself together and popped some potatoes into the oven...

... before Griffin and I headed out to ballet.

Dave picked up Luke from school on his way home and we did a quick hi/bye on the way out of the neighborhood...

Ballet night is one of my favorite nights because it's an hour of girl chat with some of my FAVORITE mamas.  

After dance we headed home with fresh eggs from friends...

... and Dave was pulling the pork off the bone and it was kind of an everyone fend for themselves dinner.  Some had BBQ sauce, some made loaded baked potatoes and some put the pork on grilled cheese sandwiches.

We sat down for a late dinner together and then the next 40 minutes or so was a whirlwind of kids showering, homework checking and backpack packing.

Kids are upstairs and I couldn't get in my pjs fast enough ;)

At night I wash my face with   the cleansing balm and then follow up with the  glycolic acid peel pads.

After the peel pads I use a serum (some nights it's the retinol, others the face oil, sometimes the age renewal super serum), an eye cream (or the retinol eye serum) and then top it off with some water drench.  I know it sounds like a lot - but in the winter months my skin can be super dry and I never wake up greasy.

I went to give goodnight hugs and kisses upstairs and found these cuties reviewing spelling words...

... and these two reading together.  THE BEST.

We got Oscar out for a few minutes before feeding him...

... then I got my snuggles in with G...

... and this is the part of the day where I completely lied to myself.  I crawled into bed at 9:20 thinking that I would do my Bible Recap, grade the tests from the day and work on my blog for a bit.  Dave was cleaning up the kitchen and then plan was to watch an episode of The Office together.  Well... good intentions.  hahaha Dave came in about 9:40 and I was passed out with grading next to me.

And there you go!  

HAPPY Thursday, friends!!!

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  1. Hi, Andrea! I've been reading your blog for almost 10 years. I wanted to share that it's become almost un-readable with all of the ads. On today's post, there were 2-3 ads in between every single picture, in addition to the side bar ones and ones that would pop up. I stopped reading as it was too difficult. I hope this can be resolved as I would hate to have to stop reading. Thank you!

    1. Hi! I’m working with the ad company to get things resolved and I appreciate the feedback. In the meantime you should be able to view it in reader view if you’re using safari. Hope that helps and thanks for sticking around!

  2. Hi, I'm so so sorry, but reading your blog is BRUTAL with all the ads. Literally every 2 seconds there are about 5 pop ups, between every single photo. It took so so long, and it really took away from the joy of your blog.

    1. I’m forwarding your comment on to my ad company - when I view it and have friends give me feedback none of them are experiencing this. Trying hard to figure it out!

    2. This is happening to me too and it seems MUCH worse today. I thought the same thing, I almost can't read this as I couldn't match your text to the pictures because there were so many ads between. Definitely seems like something is off today more than usual. But love your blog! Thanks so much for taking the time to do it everyday in your busy life!

    3. Yes, I agree....BUT thank you for the tip for Reader View-made a huge difference. I really enjoy your blog because you are one of the few bloggers who does not seem to give the hard sell. Outside of reader view, it's getting really hard to read bc of wording hidden in between ads. Also, maybe it's the size of pics, but the loading always brings me back to the top of the post while I"m reading. I'm definitely going to use reader view from now on. I do enjoy your blog and boy are you a busy mama!

    4. Agree about the ads. Insane amount to the point I quit reading. I honestly thought it was a joke at first.

    5. Hey! My ad company has made corrections on their end and the ads, while they're going to be there, shouldn't be as obtrusive as before. Try clearing your cache ( if you don't see the changes right away. Thanks again for the feedback!

  3. Absolutely LOVE seeing a peek at your day!

  4. My very very very favorite posts!!! Your cozy classroom...leave that tree up year around!

  5. LOVE seeing a teacher day in the life - so interesting! Random question - what font do you use for the top of your teacher papers (i.e., 8.8.1 - pairs of angles)?

  6. I must be in the correct 'view' format without knowing (IT illiterate here), because I've never had an issue with ads on your blog. I read it on my laptop, not a phone. Because your posts usually have a lot of pictures, sometimes they are slow to load, but I just keep reading and then go back and look at the photos! :) I enjoyed getting a peek of your Tuesday, and I'm amazed at all you accomplish during the day as a wife, mother and teacher!

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Every family/friend that I've had test it out for me isn't experiencing any issues so I'm having a hard time troubleshooting. Hoping it's resolved now!

  7. My most favorite posts of yours! In terms of the ads, I read daily from a PC using Google Chrome. One thing that may or may not be helpful is that the ads were really bad towards the beginning of your post and then not a single one after the photo of Griffin getting ready for ballet.

    1. Thanks for letting me know! It should be resolved now :)

  8. Love these posts- and am reminded of how exhausting and wonderful those days are! (I don't see any ads, by the way, but am reading on my laptop).

  9. I came to comment on the ads too! It was the first day I noticed it being this bad- it took at least 20 minutes to read the post because there are at least 2-5 ads in between every one of your pictures. Not saying this be knit-picky as it seems like it is a new issue and hopefully a glitch!

    1. Definitely a glitch today that should be handled now! Thanks so much for letting me know!

  10. You make me miss my days in the classroom (a little bit -- there is always so much to do and so little time!!!) and mostly miss those ages of the kiddos. You will be so happy you took the time to capture these times one day. . .you'll look back and say, "how did I do it all?" and remember it fondly.
    I'll chime in, too, that the ads are horrible. . .this time it was the same one between almost every picture/thought. They are hard to ignore.
    I hope these couple of snow days are fun for your family and you get a little much-needed rest between going back and doing it all over again!!

  11. No ads for me!
    But what word game was that? It looked similar to Wordle but I'm pretty sure it wasn't that.

    1. Thank you! I love word games, added that one last night and stayed up late playing it.

  12. Love to read these posts. And today the ads seemed worse than usual, I am reading on a kindle. Off topic, do you have any full posts on Rosie? We just adopted 2 mastitis and at this age, 4 months old, walking them is so difficult. How did you train your dog not to pull on the leash? Thank you.

  13. Your days are long and full but the everyday memories are the best! I have questions! How do you NOT spill your tea!?! We have the same car and I don't think my cupholders would accomodate that beautiful mug! Also, literally laughing that you have the car temp at 90 degrees! We live in the northeast and I can't stand it above 80 ( welcome to your fifties:) AND tell me more about your school tea kettle:) I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Andrea:).

  14. What a great mom and teacher! Do you have any resources you love for pre algebra? I am using teaching textbooks for my daughter for pre algebra.


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