Wednesday, January 5, 2022

What's Up Wednesday

  Today I'm going rogue and doing a What's Up Wednesday even though it's not the last Wednesday of the month.  I was planning on doing this post last week and got sidetracked by break so here we are!

ALLLLLL the brunch ;)  We've been sleeping in and enjoying some low and slow mornings involving omelettes, pancakes, cinnamon rolls and sausage.  Praise be.

This random pic showed up on my FB memories the other day and MAN, OH MAN did it ever tug on my heartstrings.  We used to be regulars at the Home Depot kids workshops and I'm not really sure when we stopped going but I swear this picture was taken last week.  

I never feel like I take enough photos/videos on Christmas but I did manage to piece together a bit from our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day into this little memory video...


... these are always our favorite to look back at and I'm LOVING this song.

Just enjoying the slow pace of break.  I go back to work tomorrow but my kids don't go back to school until Monday and we've been so thankful for the time to rest and relax.  Nothing makes me happier than having absolutely nothing on the agenda and watching my kids run with that free time and play together.

While I AM excited to see my students on Monday I am NOT excited to have to wake up early and wear real clothes.  I slipped into sloth mode REAL FAST.

Room updates including moving this cutie into G's room!  Isn't is SO PRETTY?!?!!?  It was an absolute STEAL and I'm so excited about it!

I ordered  some new art for the family room and I can't wait for it to get here!  I LOVE COLOR and think this will be so pretty in there!

I feel like I'm about to sound REAL cheesy but Dave and I love us a Law and Order.  I'm not sure how we missed the memo but we've been catching up on the Organized Crime seasons and have LOVED IT!

A friend recommended this book and I just started it.  I'll keep you posted on what I think!

I'm listening to The Guilt Trip and am loving it so far! I have a reading recap coming up next week and I hope to have my thoughts on it ready to go.

I've been wearing the mess out of a couple North Face pullovers.  They're several seasons old but you can find the current version HERE.  I can only find the mens version available now which works since I wear them oversized and like them longer.

Making sure everyone can find their school uniform coats :), staying up too late with a couple of basketball games thrown in for good measure.

Valentine's Day!!! The past couple of years I've done a "Love you to the moon and back" special lunch and I'm excited to do that (or maybe mix it up I don't know) again this year.

It looks like one of G's front teeth are FINALLY coming in :)

HAPPY Wednesday, friends!

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  1. Love seeing what you guys have been up to. We had to go back to work on Monday, and students came back on Tuesday. I felt like it went by super quick!

  2. I love that you went rogue. Rogue Andrea is one of my favorite types of Andrea ;) .

  3. Love the video so much! Who found the pickle? :)

  4. Oh those teacher much truth. LOL. Students and teachers returned on Monday. I made sure I had some new things to wear so I would be excited to get out of bed. That can only last so long though! Have a great first day back. We have 7 more school days and then a 3 day weekend!

  5. Loved your Christmas video! Looks like a wonderful Winter Break!

  6. Oh my goodness; that photo of the kids at Home Depot is so adorable!


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