Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Amazon Lately

I feel like the easier post to write would be what HAVEN'T I ordered from Amazon lately.  

For real though.   I have a lot of fun finds to share so I'm splitting this post up into two parts... one today and one next week.  WHEW!

I ordered  a set of these tap lights to put in our glass cabinets in the kitchen and I love them SO MUCH!  I am not a fan of the super white light that a lot of these put off and this set was warm enough for my liking.

Santa always puts white shirts in Dave's stockings and this year he brought him a couple packs of these shirts.  They're soft and great quality and he's really liking them.

Santa primed  this set of books for Luke's stocking and he's been liking them a lot!

Luke asked for money for Christmas and one of his gifts was this wooden box that when he opened it a spider popped out :) It was really fun and funny and then we had tucked some money into the box as his gift.  

Griffin gifted this cute hoodie to a NASA-loving friend and it is SO CUTE! She's asking for one now to match!

In a futile attempt to try and get our dog hair situation under control I ordered  a furminator brush thing.  We have something that I thought was similar but OH MY WORD was I wrong.  This works incredibly well and daily brushing has really helped cut down on what we're vacuuming up.

I've had an acrylic caddy thing on my bathroom counter for a while now and loved it but didn't love how hard it can be to clean.  When one of the little shelves on it broke I decided to go for something way more streamlined and easy to wipe down.  This shelf has been GREAT and I really love how simple it is.

We ordered  this digital photo frame as a Christmas gift this past month and I was so impressed with how easy it was to set up and load with photos. Its a great size and looks really pretty as well.

Santa primed  this set of 4 backscratchers ($10 total!) and they were a HUGE hit!  We all laughed so hard and everyone has enjoyed having the scratchers since Christmas.

I was introduced to the  Gimme Beauty hair ties at our favorite things party last month and my friend Lori immediately told us to all go home and order the brush.  I was skeptical but I also trust Lori's recommendations 1000% (she gifted everyone the  chopper scissors and was the one who introduced me to my beloved  seche vite top coat).   It's as good as Lori said it would be - detangles, feels great in your hand - love it so much.

The brand of tights that I typically buy for Griffin hasn't been available in a while so I ordered her  two pairs of these tights for school and they're AWESOME!  Super durable and they wash great.  She wears these pretty much daily in the winter so I love that they're longer-lasting.

I've been on the hunt for a  non-cheesy bearded dragon ornament for a couple of years and I finally found one!  Mason was OVER THE MOON!!! 

HAPPY shopping, friends!!!

PS - this post contained affiliate links.... thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog!


  1. Oh, I want that bearded dragon ornament! I also think I'd love the box with the jump-out spider.

  2. Great stuff here!! I use a fork as a back scratcher -- haha, those are cute though. Thanks for linking the Rick Riordan books -- even big kids like those! We gifted digital frames to all the grandparents LAST Christmas and all commented this year how much they've loved them. I like that the kids can all download pictures to their frames too so we try to keep everyone far-and-wide full of events and just "every days".

  3. My kids got back scratchers in their stockings, and they've been loving them, too!

  4. My boys and I LOVED The Trials of Apollo Series! We just finished it up last year.

  5. 1. Do you think K would like those books? She loved Hunger Games! Please let me know :) . 2. That brush is life-changing. I bought one for myself and Kensington...we both cannot believe how much we love them!


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