Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Amazon Lately (pt 2)

Today is the exciting second part of last week's crazy Amazon haul ;)  

 Luke got  this logic book in his stocking this year and he's been enjoying working through the puzzles...

... I also grabbed this book for Mason...

... and this one for Griffin.  They've been a life-saver for some afternoons where they've been looking for something to occupy their time :)

I ordered  this swaddle blanket and bow set for G's babies and it is PRECIOUS! It's $7 and super stretchy and the print is so cute.

The boys have been asking for  toiletry bags for a while and I ordered these and was so impressed!  The quality is wonderful and they hold a ton.  I'm hopeful that they'll both have them for many years to come!

Would you believe it if I told you that I've only ever owned a mini glue gun?  Well - it's true.  I'm not sure what I've never upgraded before now but  this $10 beauty arrived at my house and Buddy the elf immediately put it to good use making that crazy cereal thing ;) 

I've seen  these lighters posted a few times and grabbed them to put in Dave's stocking and they're SO COOL!  I really didn't think they'd work and they totally do and I love that they're rechargeable. 

Magic  Puzzle Company is releasing THREE NEW PUZZLES (eeeeek!) in February and y'all know I had to get in on that pre-order.  Thinking I'll wrap them up for Valentine's Day but who knows.

It was time to reorder  the toner I use every morning and love so much!  

I'm not sure how it happened but Mason apparently has NO SOCKS and it happened overnight.  I ordered him  a couple of packs of these Adidas socks and he is back on his a-game :)

And my last super exciting item....   this roll of bubble wrap for packing up all the Christmas ornaments ;)

I ordered  these cookie cutters for a Valentine's Day craft G wants to do as well as some themed lunch items for next month.

New semester,  new ballet tights ;)  These are G's favorite type right now because she can pull them up over her feet and wear her Birks or slides after class.

HAPPY shopping, friends!!!

PS - this post contained affiliate links.... thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog!


  1. I am ordering the logic books for Smith and Ashby!

  2. So fun getting a peek at other's Amazon carts! I'd never have guessed you were ordering rechargeable lighters! haha! That is such a great idea though-I burned my hair earlier this week lighting our fire so these would be good for me!

  3. Those look like some fun logic books! I used to love doing puzzles like that.

  4. Any tips for keeping your cat away from the puzzles? I am about to lose my mind over the cat jumping on the table!


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