Monday, January 10, 2022

Three Things

We were talking about New Year's eve and starting a new year and all that and Mason goes, "so does anyone have any New Years revolutions?"  CUTEST!!!  And honestly, a new years revolution doesn't sound all that bad ;) 

Mason was a "funny shepherd" in the 5th grade nativity play and he did such an awesome job.   Proud of him for stepping out there for a speaking part and for rocking it!  He and Dave were also shepherds in our church Christmas program so he's pretty much a professional at this point.

If you're looking for Mason lately he's more than likely eating or napping :)  We're definitely feeling like a growth spurt is on the horizon for him!

Griffin has been talking about wanting to update her room for a while and her requests were the sweetest... a bed that "stuck out into her room" and a desk with drawers.  It's coming together and she's LOVING IT!

I know everyone always talks/jokes about middle schoolers NEVER wanting a coat... well, Griffin has apparently hit that phase early because the child pretty much refuses a coat 99% of the time.  She's had to tough it on a couple of occasions but for the most part she has no regrets ;)

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this on here before, but G signed up to lead worship during children's worship and she gets SO EXCITED when it's her week.  She seriously loves it and it's precious to listen to her practice songs during the week.

This is Luke's second year in Robotics and he has his first competition coming up (last year the competition was cancelled due to COVID).   I have literally no idea what this will entail but we are PUMPED for him and can't wait to cheer his team on.

We worked on Luke's room over break and his one request was shelving to accommodate his HUGE Lego sets.  We ended up settling on "muscle racks" that are essentially industrial garage shelving but the only shelves we could find with a 24" depth.  He is OBSESSED and it's super cool to have all of his big creations out and on display.

Luke is a pro at tearing around in the gator at my parents place. So much so that he's decided he's ready to try out "real driving" out there :)  PRAY FOR ME! hahahaha

We've been cracking up at Jelly Bean during this little "cold snap" we've had... every morning she meows to go outside and we open the door, she runs out into the driveway and then she runs right back in.  #nomaam

Dave wrapped up his first full year at his new job and he's LOVING IT!  Still so grateful for the opportunity and change!

We kind of let family reading time go over the past year but one of our goals for 2022 was to bring it back.  It was such a great rhythm for our family and I'm excited to make this part of our routine again. (If you don't know what I'm talking about you can read about family reading time  HERE)


  1. I remember when my daughter wanted a bed that stuck out from the wall! I hadn't thought about that in years. Thanks for the memory. :)

    My son did robotics in high school. He loved it and so did we! The competitions at the high school level are as exciting as any sporting event (I'm sure the younger grades are as well). Have fun!

  2. Oh my gosh- where did your babies go? Such sweet milestones for each of them. And I thought Mason looked so much bigger on your IG post this morning- and older.) Happy New Year! With Mason on the revolution;-)


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