Friday, December 10, 2021

Friday Favorites

 Happy Friday, friends!!!    Erika and I are so excited that lots of y'all are linking up with us and if you're linking up with us make sure you grab our graphic, link back to one (or all!) of us and share your own Friday Favorites post.

First up is CHRISTMAS DECOR!!! I've been working on snapping pics for y'all but seriously - the twinkle lights are my FAVORITE!!!

Griffin's baby Ellie spent her day in a makeshift drawer bed in my classroom - FAVORITE!

And this will never not be my FAVORITE ;)

This year we decided to gift our favorite cups to some of our FAVORITE people (teachers!) - if you're looking for a last minute gift click  HERE to shop - the handle is awesome, they fit in your car cupholders AND hold ice for like 2 days.

with my FAVORITE girl on Christmas hat day for me :)

EArlier this week I shared pics from all of our years of doing a North Pole Breakfast and these were a few of my FAVORITES...


"Winter Wonderland" day was a FAVORITE...

... and so was watching Luke perform at his holiday band concert.

We also made one of our FAVORITE soups this week (click  HERE).

Short and sweet this week because I'm knee deep in exam prep for next week - see y'all back her eon Monday!!!

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  1. Just the coziest pics of your precious family.

  2. I've been a faithful blog reader of yours FOREVER. I love it. But I finally had to in love tell you that there are so so so many pop ups on your blog it is so hard to read the good stuff. I literally can't scroll down without 5 ads popping up constantly. Not sure if you know or can control that. I'm not sure if it is hard for others too, or just me

    1. OH NO!!! I don't get that when I look at it (I have placed ads but no pop ups) but I'll definitely check with my ad hosting company. Can I ask if you're viewing on mobile or desktop? Thank you so much for the feedback - that's definitely not the experience I want readers to have!

    2. Dave just checked from his phone as well and he doesn't have any popups either. I'll still check in with my ad company but maybe try clearing your cookies and see if that helps. SO SORRY that's happening!

    3. Something I have noticed for the last few months, too. I view on a desktop each day and I haven't been able to close out the ad at the bottom of the page for awhile and each time I click to "read more" a pop up ad occurs. Happy to manage it to still read, but just wanted to share so you know!

    4. I have the same issue exactly as Kate L. I have never said anything because I love reading your blog. Totally not a complaint, just letting you know in case it helps you figure it out.

    5. Not trying to beat a dead horse at all but besides the pop-ups, there are also ads in the middle of posts. For example, there will be 1-2 of your photos and then an ad, then a few more photos and an ad. Just wasn't sure if that was intended or not! Love reading and am always inspired and encouraged by all that you share!

  3. I love the line up of cup gifts with those cute tags!! I view on a desktop every day from work and I pop up ads too. Love your blog! :)

  4. I love seeing the pictures of your kiddos through the years at their North Pole Breakfast!

    I view your site on a desktop every day at work and their are ads after every picture you post. Today there are 10 ads in your blog post.

  5. I appreciate all the feedback! I changed a few things on my end and emailed my ad company as well. Hoping to clear it up ASAP!!!

  6. I love that those teacher gift mugs have handles!!

  7. I don't get any popups or ads but I have AdBlock installed on my Chromebook. Thanks for sharing your family "Christmas thru the years" pictures. I enjoyed seeing them and seeing how much your kids have grown:)


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