Monday, December 13, 2021

Christmas Decor

Happy Monday, friends! Today I'm inviting you in for a peek at our Christmas decor.  I'm all about sentimental and special pieces and mixed in with twinkle lights I really wish I could leave my decor up all year long!

This nativity set was a new addition this year and I love it SO MUCH!  I've had my eye on this set for several years and Dave surprised me with it last week.  (I took most of my pics of decor last weekend so if you catch this table looking different in a few pictures, that's why).  

The pieces are all handmade and so special...

... and the detail is so pretty.

I'm so excited to add this to our decor for many years to come!

I changed up the mantle (again) this year by adding some antiqued brass ornaments and layering garlands.  

These glass glitter letters (super old from Pottery Barn) are STILL my favorite and they just get better with age.

The antiqued brass ornaments and large bells are all from a local shop, Birds and Words.

I brought the Santa photo tree back again this year - I LOVE looking back at the photos from throughout the years...

... and I think they look so pretty mixed in with some various antiqued and gold glass ornaments. 

I added our Christmas dishes to the glass front cabinet in the kitchen...

My FAVORITE handprint plate is out...

... and so is the giving manger...

.... and the mouse nativity that my mom always had out at our house growing up.

I have our advent books out in a pottery mug - we read these daily and then hang them on the tree.

I keep a big stack of plates out and ready and the Glitterville santa pitcher is so stinking cute!

Our big family tree is in the living room (and is so hard to photograph because it's backlit in the window!)

... and I skipped the deco mesh this year in favor of being able to really see all the memento ornaments that it's filled with.

Handmade, homemade, old, funny... we love it all.

The bookcase next to the tree holds a nativity set we got as a wedding present....

... and another made from steel drums.

All I really added in the dining room is a garland...

Upstairs is my FAVORITE ;)

The bookcase has a nativity set we bought at a Christmas market, an original painting from an artist who I've loved for EVER and Christmas books we've collected over the years.

The tree is by FAR the star of the show.  Full of fun, bright ornaments and the kids do this entire thing on their own.  LOVE!

The tree topper is a nativity scent made out of a steel drum...

... and the ornaments are from everywhere.

Our advent calendar has daily reading cards from Crew and Co...

... and that's it ;)

I'll share the trees in our office and bedroom later this week ;)

Hope y'all enjoyed the peek!  HAPPY MONDAY, friends!!!


  1. Love your Christmas decor, but especially love the beautiful nativity scenes!

  2. That Nativity is gorgeous. Would you mind sharing where you found it?

  3. I love your decor! The holy family from the Lisa Leonard nativity is on my Christmas list this year. I figured I could slowly receive the whole scene.

  4. Upstairs is my favorite, too! LOVE the peace sign ornament on the "Santa tree"!! Love all your nativity scenes :)

  5. Literally nothing is better than this post right here. Love. It. So. Much!

  6. I love your new nativity! Twinkle lights make everything better....I wish I could keep mine up all year too!

  7. oh my the new nativity is stunning. please share the link Good taste, Dave!

  8. Just so beautiful! Love the multiple nativities and how you cover your trees in fun ornaments!

  9. I have the Lisa Leonard Nativity (as well as a bunch of rings and earrings from her) and I LOVE them all! Such great quality and such a good cause! I don't have the drummer boy. . .searching for him now :)

  10. Everything looks so perfect! Love it!!

  11. What beautiful trees and I love your nativity sets too!


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