Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Three Things


Griffin just informed me that her nickname at school is G-Turkey.  Don't ask me where it came from or how it started but I love it so much :) 


Griffin has entered into the dot-to-dot phase.  My boys did this too but she is sooooo into those really difficult dot-to-dots and she is constantly working on at least one.


Griffin has started asking to get "comfy cozy" every night after dinner. My kids have always asked to get comfy clothes on when they get home (uniform life) but after dinner/showers she's been putting moisturizer on (she uses a teeny bit of my clinique moisture surge), wearing her robe and tucking herself into our bed for reading :) SO SWEET!


Mason's flag football team is in the playoffs this coming weekend and he is so excited!  They've worked really hard this season and it'll be fun to see them finish off their season on a high note.


Mason is currently working on his "Heroes of the Faith" project and is reading a book on Dietrick Bonhoeffer.  The book is a lot to chew for a 5th grader so we've been reading through it together in the evenings and I think I'm enjoying it just as much (if not more) as him.


Mason loves a job and lately his job of choice has been helping me out in the kitchen.  Gathering ingredients, measuring, stirring, etc - he's my right-hand-man.  I've been loving the help and his excitement about helping - and I think he's been loving the "if you helped make it you don't have to do dishes after" policy that I put in place for myself years ago :)


Luke decided to join the Robotics team again this year and he's' really been enjoying it.  He loved it last year and was disappointed that Covid cancelled their competition and so we're all looking forwrad to this year. 


Luke had his Fall band concert last week and it was so fun to watch him play.  We've been seeing him play in the stands on Friday night but it was fun to watch him in a concert setting.


It got cooler this week and Luke broke out his joggers from last year and we couldn't stop laughing at how TINY they are on him.  I don't think I really appreciated just how much he's grown this year until this moment - now excuse me while I try to find acceptable athletic pants to fit him ;)


I feel like everyone and their mom is decorating for Christmas this week and it's taking ALL of my willpower to not pull out my tree.  I know I'd regret it because it's a whole process that I don't have time for right now but I am crazy tempted!


It's been chilly and rainy here and all I want to eat is soup.  Give us something hot and creamy and preferably with meat and potatoes in it because WE ARE READY!


This is our first Fall to have Chips and Queso and I need ALL THE TIPS on having them live outside during the Fall/Winter.  Do they need heat lamps outside? Do I let them hibernate? Do I need to change the substrate in their enclosure?  These are the kids of questions keeping me up at night (literally).  HALLLPPP!



  1. Mason. That's all I have to say. Mason. xx

  2. The Heroes series is fantastic for kids. Eric Metaxas has a great Bonhoeffer biography you should read. I love the Wilberforce one, too.

  3. I’m going to adopt the, if you help, you don’t have to do dishes rule at our house!

  4. We’ve always had, “you cook you don’t have to clean” rule at our house…..good one for sure! Your kids are probably at the right age now to start coming up with signature dishes that are just “theirs“. Whenever we need “grandmas potatoes“ our oldest makes those for us… Our girls have great cookie recipes that have become signatures of theirs… And our other son is the guacamole king. It’s just really fun to introduce our friends and family to their signature dishes as well as give them some responsibility when we need those things made :)
    Cheeseburger soup from a Taste of Home magazine 20 years or more ago is one of our favorites!!!

  5. ANDREA. Definite HEAT LAMPS!!!! You're welcome.

  6. 7 CAN SOUP!!! Combine 2lbs browned hamburger, 3 cans Campbell's Minestrone soup, 2 cans Ranch Style beans, 1 can Rotel, 1 can Italian tomatoes and 1 packet ranch seasoning in a crockpot and let simmer all day. Even better the next day!

  7. We have a if you cook you don't have to clean rule too and I love it; since I do most of the cooking! My youngest two really got into those extreme dot to dot books too and I loved watching them.


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