Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Gift Guide - Toddlers

Today I'm sharing some gift ideas for toddlers, but in reality a lot of these would be great for toddlers through elementary-aged kids depending on their interests.

Sometimes the simple gifts are the very best and  a roll of craft paper with a holder is honestly one of the most-used items at our house and has been for years.  Whether it's finger-painting with toddlers, tic-tac-toe games with older kids or even scratch paper for Algebra homework this is a gift that EVERYONE needs at their house. 

There are a few items of my kids that I have kept from when they were younger and have no intention of getting rid of and our  Thomas the Train track and trains are one of those items.  My kids played with these CONSTANTLY and it's still the first thing that my nephews get out when they come over.  

We have a white play table and chairs that is currently living in our attic because it's something (again) that I want to hold onto.  My kids ate meals, did play dough, colored and created so many memories at our table.  This table and chairs set looks great!

These wellies are so cute and they last FOREVER!  This color is perfect for hand-me-downs as well and would be such a cute gift with a little umbrella for puddle splashing on rainy days.

Duplos and  Magnatiles are also all-time-favorites.  The more pieces you have the more you can build, they're great for tons of ages and they're pieces that you'll keep for years and years. 

One of G's favorite gifts were pink scrubs and a  doctor's kit.  Also - one of my FAVORITE games to play when they were little and I was exhausted was "check-up" where I would lay on the couch and they would give me a check-up and then prescribe rest.  hahahaha. This doctor's coat and stethoscope would be a great gift for you AND your kids :)

This doll has great reviews, comes with several accessories and is a perfect size.  The price is fantastic and there's also  a set of twins that is super sweet as well.

This retro record player and  cash register are exactly what I played with as a kid and I love the nostalgia!

My boys both had  these tricycles and they're the best because they're low and the seat adjusts backward and forward to accommodate kids of all ages/sizes.  It's easy to pedal and comes in lots of fun colors. 

It wouldn't be a gift guide without a jellycat stuffed animal.  This bear is PRECIOUS and, honestly, I want it for myself.  Jellycats are hands down the best stuffed animals out there - they're soft and wash well and last forever. 

These gears are another go-to-gift... perfect for little engineers and fun for assisting adults as well :)

Chunkies paint sticks are so much fun! Perfect for smaller hands (and great with that large roll of paper from above!)

This Ice cream set is one of my favorite toys ever.  Perfect for imaginative play and comes with the cutest menu that kids can use to create cones and would be great with the cash register as well!

If you don't have  a play kitchen that would be at the top of my gift list.  We had one in our kitchen for YEARS and it was one of the most-played-with items in our house.  This one is super cute and a great price as well.

How sweet are  these town blocks?  Would be great to go along with hot wheels cars, dolls, etc. 

I've seen  this treehouse at Target before and it is SO GOOD!  If my kids were younger it would 1000% be under our tree this year.  

HAPPY Wednesday and happy shopping, friends!!!

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  1. Hi! Long time reader, first time commenter :). I just wanted to say that last year I had my in laws gift the Schwinn tricycle to my daughter for Christmas and the pedals were defective and won't stay on! I was going to call and order a new one but then I read through some Amazon reviews and the pedal issue and a handlebar issue are brought up consistently. I then noticed that I see a lot of them on Facebook marketplace for sale with that disclaimer too. I look forward to your gift guides so much and trust them so I just wanted to let you know before you keep recommending! It's possible the quality has changed since you bought because otherwise I agree that it would be an amazing gift!!

  2. I've already gifted my nieces for Christmas, but adding several of these to my cart for birthday gifts in the coming year.


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