Thursday, October 28, 2021

Putting Green Backyard Update

 Today I am sharing a BIG backyard project we just wrapped up and I am SO EXCITED to show you how it turned out!

We've lived in this house for 5 years and the summer we moved in here's what this corner of our backyard looked like....

... our house sits at the end of a culdesac and our yard is kind of a big wedge shape so the pool is directly off the back of the house and then we have these two big portions on either side of the house.  This section has always been problematic because it gets a lot of shade, isn't covered by our irrigation system and was just always a hot mess.

When we first moved in it was all ground cover (that wasn't really covering the ground) and was a HAVEN for snakes and critters.  #nasty

Look how pretty! ;) hahahaha

Over the years we've tried to make it look good - but we were mulching ALL THE TIME and it just never looked good for more than like 2 days. 

YOU GUYS! Look at how bad it was!  One of the worst parts was that it was always muddy and gross and when the pool deck area is wet and the dog or kids walked over there with wet feet the patio got SO MUDDY.

The pool was our number one priority so once we got that handled two summers ago we started brainstorming about what we wanted to do with this hot mess area.    We kind of "redefined" the problem area (i.e. area that couldn't grow grass) and moved the border into the lawn area a bit matching up with the edge of the retaining wall and talked about how awesome turf would be back here.  We actually had quotes done for having turf put in our entire yard but the grass in most of the yard was fine and it seemed like a waste to do the whole yard - it also seemed weird to only have turf in the back portion.  One day it dawned on us that a putting green would solve our dirt/mud problem, provide a really fun activity and would make sense for having turf back there.

We got in touch with  Premier Greens here in McKinney and were instantly pleased with how knowledgeable they were.  They came up with a great plan, we got to go see a green that they had done not far from us and we got it on the books!

First step was prepping the area and starting to build it up.  It was pretty slanted and so they had to build an area for the green and make everything level.  They also added drainage, fixed drainage, moved irrigation controls, etc.

This was one of the first days and I remember telling Dave that I already liked it better than what we had before - hahahaha

I really don't have a ton of progress pics but I do have pics of the kids on the HUGE pile of material that they were using to build up the back area but had to cover because we had flash flooding for a couple of days. 

Those are all bags of sand down at the end of the driveway - nuts!

The guys working couldn't have been nicer and they LOVED them some Rosie ;)

This was the day that things really started taking shape... can you see the hill they built?  That was all super low before they started.

the next day they added the actual green portion...

And then the next day the rest of the turf!


I mean - what in the actual world?!?!  We still need to add river rock around the trees, and our string lights should go up this weekend but it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

There are three separate chipping areas in the fringe part where you can chip up onto the green and the whole thing is sand-filled to give it a real golf course feel.  

Sidenote: our trees back here took a HUGE hit during the ice storm back in February - we're so glad they made it and are hopeful that they'll start filling back in as years go on.

It's about 1800 square feet and it's awesome because it's space that we literally couldn't use before.

It got wrapped up last Thursday and we're all loving it!  We're hoping to get the lights up this weekend so that we can play when the time changes and we're really hopeful that this is something that the kids (and Dave!) and their friends love for years and years.  If you're local (or not - they travel!) and interested in having something like this done I really can't recommend Premier Greens enough.  And no... this isn't sponsored or gifted or ANYTHING like that - we were just so pleased and impressed and want to spread the word :)  If you have any questions leave them in the comments!

I wish I had more pics - but of course I had planned on taking some yesterday but it POURED - no worries because I'm sure you'll be seeing lots of it!

HAPPY Thursday, friends!!!


  1. That looks awesome! I know you guys will enjoy it for years to come!

  2. It looks amazing…they did an incredible job!! We have a putting green and you are going to absolutely love it! It’s so much fun for family and friends - we always have contests and games and it’s great having a built in entertainment feature! You could string lights in the trees for nighttime play!

  3. What a FUN addition to your backyard!!!

  4. What a dramatic change! My husband would love to have that in the backyard. It really is beautiful!

  5. What a great idea to repurpose a big part of your yard! Looks awesome. There will be tons of fun memories made in that yard.

  6. stop it! stop it right now!! Andrea!! THAT IS AMAZING!!!!! Oh my goodness!! I knew it was going to be awesome, but that's even better than I could have ever imagined!!!

  7. Love it! And I can't wait to see it with the lights- what a fun and cozy ((and snake free!)) space!

  8. That looks fantastic! What a great idea, and how fun for your kids.

  9. That looks amazing! I hope you all enjoy for years to come!

  10. How fun!! It’s gorgeous! I’m confused if that’s all real grass that you have to keep cut and green, or is it fake turf?

  11. How exciting! I love the view looking back to the pool, it looks like grounds to a resort! :)

  12. It's awesome! What a great use of the space. I am curious - what happens if the dogs potty on it? is it just like cleaning up a regular yard?

  13. That looks great. You guys will really enjoy that.

  14. how beautiful!!!What a great use of that space.

  15. how beautiful!!!What a great use of that space.

  16. how beautiful!!!What a great use of that space.


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