Wednesday, October 27, 2021

What's Up Wednesday

    Today I'm linking up with  Shay and  Sheaffer to talk a little bit about what's been going on around here!
It's FINALLY supposed to cool off which means it's casserole time.  Let's be real - it's always casserole time but now it's just a little more justifiable :) hahaha  One of my all-time favorites is  this creamy rice casserole - it's something my mom made growing up and is totally my comfort food.

Y'all! Last week marked four years since I tucked this little kitten into my sweater at school and brought her home :)  No seriously - the cross country coach had barn kitties he was trying to find homes for and despite "not wanting" a cat we are all SO HAPPY that she's in our family!


Who would have thought that teeny barn kitten would turn into the best family kitty - she handles the outdoor stuff like a champ (mice, snakes, etc), likes to go on walks with the kids (she follows them around the neighborhood when we go on walks!) and sneaks into somebody's bed pretty much every night.  Shes the best!

Happy Four Years, Jelly Bean Jones!

How CUTE are these birthday boys?!?!?!  Jack and Bennett turned two last week and we got to celebrate with them and it was seriously just the sweetest.  

Last week was our school's last home football game and Griffin and one of her best friends got to be "varsity cheerleaders for a day".  This was an auction item from last Spring that we bought and when the day finally came she was SO EXCITED!

She went to cheer practice on Thursday afternoon and then got to cheer at the pep rally on Friday morning...

Look how HAPPY!!!

It was such a sweet morning and these girls were PUMPED!

Then Friday night they got to cheer at the game as well! Look at my baby out there on the field!

Look at those girls up in front of the entire student section!  Best night ever for them :)

I'm honestly kind of dreading taking down my Halloween decor! I have LOVED having it up this year and I'm not ready to pack it up for another year!

A fun post detailing a BIG backyard project we wrapped up last week!  I seriously can't wait to share!

These cuties are number one in their flag football league this season and I'm excited to cheer them on in playoffs!

Dave and I are watching season 2 of Ted Lasso (we got behind) and are loving it just as much as season one! I'm not sure how they did it but every single character just gets more and more endearing!

I'm listening to Apples Never Fall and am enjoying it SO MUCH!  

Sill wearing ALL THE DRESSES.  I wore  this dress (affiliate link) to multiple events last week and I love it SO MUCH!  The floral pattern and colors are so pretty and it looked great paired with cowboy boots one day, clogs another and flip flops running errands.  IT's marked down right now as well!

ALL THINGS HALLOWEEN!!!  We're so excited to carve pumpkins, have a spooky supper, hang out with friends and trick-or-treat!

Enough said.

Not a whole lot! Just living that mom life - driving people (and pets) all over the place all day long :) hahaha

HAPPY Wednesday, friends!

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  1. Aw, your kitty is adorable! I can't wait for Thanksgiving! We actually made a turkey breast with some squash and mashed potatoes just a week or so ago as a little teaser.


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