Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Day in the Life (last Thursday)

Last time I shared a "day in the life" it was a pretty busy school day with activities after.  Today I'm sharing last Thursday since typically our Thursdays are a little slower paced :) 

5:45 is EARLY for me, but I was up and at 'em to take a shower...

I showered, Griffin showered...

... and then I listened to some of my book while I finished drying my hair.

I blow dried Griffin's hair, got the boys hair done and got dressed...

... in my go-to outfit - dress and denim jacket.

I sliced up a lemon and added it to a cup of ice...

... and we were out of the door by 7:03.

We got to school and I opened up my classroom, got the boys off and ran some copies and then we had a few minutes of peace and quiet in my room before the day started.  Can you spot G?

Tell me you're a teacher without telling me you're a teacher :) hahaha

Ran a few last minute copies...

... and then I taught my first two periods (both Math 7). 

While they worked on getting started on their homework I finished entering grades for this mega-stack of papers.  Homecoming was the previous week and even on Thursday I was STILL playing catch-up!

In between second and third periods we have a "snack break" for middle school.  It's an extended passing period that gives the kids a chance to grab a snack and hang out for a few minutes and it's honestly the best.  On this particular day I hung out, drank my tea and chatted with some co-workers while a bunch of boys threw the football back and forth with one of the science teachers ;)

Back in the classroom for Honors Algebra 1...

... and then two periods of PreAlgebra.

I snuck in some Google Classroom posting while they worked on an assignment...

... and FINALLY it was lunch time :) I don't have lunch duty on Thursdays and some days I'll go up to the lunch room anyway to eat with friends but on this day I needed a few minutes of quiet to regroup and get myself ready for the afternoon.  Lunch was nothing fancy... sandwich, grapes and sun chips.  Doesn't get more basic than that :)

I answered a few emails, ate and made a to-do-list for things I needed to get done when I got home...

I taught my last Honors PreAlgebra class and then went straight into a meeting, followed by a super productive hour or so of prep.  I ran copies, posted youtube videos to my google classrooms, entered grades, etc.  

I make a list like this almost daily... I operate best off of a list and whatever I don't get done I just add to my list for the next day.  

I tutored a couple of kids after school, made a couple of phone calls and then these cuties met in my classroom to head home.  Mason and G go to "homework club" after school and Luke hangs out with friends.  Gary Patterson needed a bath and we typically will do that in the MS science lab but Sharon was busy tutoring and we didn't want to interrupt so we brought Gary home for a quick bath since we were heading BACK to school for the middle school football game and cold return her then.

Mason passed OUT on the way home... he was trying to wrap up some homework and hold Gary P but sleep won out ;)

He rallied pretty quick when he realized the autographed TCU football he bid on and won in a silent auction had arrived in the mail.  SO HAPPY!!!

I got Gary soaking while the kids took Rosie for a walk down to the park, then changed clothes, etc. 

I got a quick load of laundry started while Luke got Rosie's ramp set up in the back of my car...

... and we were all headed off to the middle school football game.  My students have been BEGGING me to bring Rosie to a game and the timing worked out well on this day so off we went.

Rosie did her regular thing at the game... lay there and let people pet her :) 

We cheered, played, made friends and then headed home...

... and then turned right back around when Mason realized he'd left his water bottle on the bleachers.  #momlife

We got home around 6:15 and while meatloaf had been in the plans for the night I wasn't upset at all when Dave suggested that he just grab burgers on his way home since we were getting home later than anticipated. #grateful  I took the next 30 minutes or so before he got home to do a "general tidy".  By Thursdays things tend to get a little out of control so I picked up, tidied, lit candles, turned on lamps, etc.

Not awful but just messy...

... while I picked up Luke wrapped up some homework and I helped Mason with his memory verse. 

...and somewhere in there I also made a cup of tea and got cozy because of course. 


Real life.  And back to my motto when I used to let the boys eat gas station hot dogs on the way to speech therapy... fed is best :) 

Kiddos were getting showered and cleaned up and I did the same.  I used  cleansing balm like always to get the makeup all off (it works wonders on mascara!) and then washed again using  this exfoliating bar.  I do this a few times a week and it's my favorite because it gets my face SUPER clean. 

I followed it up with some retinol and then  water drench moisturizer.

Clean kitchen with G's sleepover bag packed and ready for the next morning. 

Kiddos watched a show, read a bit and were tucked in while I worked on my Friday favorites blog post, did my quiet time, had another cup of tea ;) and answered a few school emails. 

I also ordered a couple of  these football displays since Mason was panicked about keeping his new ball "perfect" ;) 

I didn't snap any pictures after this but Dave and I watched a couple episodes of The Office while I graded papers edited a test and he folded laundry.  We called it was a relatively early night around 10:30. The end.

There you go! I hope you enjoyed following along! 

PS - this post contained affiliate links - thank you so much for reading and following along!



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