Monday, October 4, 2021

Magic Popcorn: Halloween Edition

Happy October, friends!!!  Today I'm sharing my magic popcorn with a Halloween spin and honestly, this was the easiest one to do because there is SO MUCH fun candy available right now :). I picked up some of our favorites and then added in a couple of fun finds to make a perfect movie-time snack.

I know candy corn gets a bad wrap but we LOVE IT - especially with peanuts.  Seriously, if you haven't had candy corn and peanuts mixed together just trust me!

The white on the tray was this "fluffy stuff" that I wasn't anticipating to be as sour as it was.  It was fun to try (Luke really liked it) and then he brought it to school to share with his friends. I thought it tasted like a super strong sour apple blow pop.

The eyeballs I found in a big bag - some are caramel, some are fudge and some are peanut butter. 

Halloween jo-jos from Trader Joe's...

... and Frankenstein peeps which I thought were PRECIOUS!!!

Happy Monday and happy snacking!!!


  1. I would love to recreate this. Happy Monday.

  2. These are my favorite posts that you do! We love adding fun candy to our popcorn. Thanks for the inspiration!


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