Monday, August 9, 2021

Weekend Happies!!! - They're home!

HAPPY MONDAY, friends!!!  I'm extra happy today because I got my kiddos back this weekend!!!  Let's rewind a bit - Friday night Dave and I capped off our kid-free week with dinner at Whiskey Cake.

We LOVE the food there and the atmosphere is super fun.  We started with the "Three Little Pigs" pork sliders (how cute is the wood, brick and (onion) straw presentation?!?!)...

... split the chicken and waffles which is seriously incredible...

... and then took about 4 bites of whiskey cake before packing it up and taking it home for later :) hahaha

We also did what I feel like every date includes which is an errand :) We stopped in at Target to get some school supplies for Luke - hahaha

I seriously almost couldn't sleep on Friday night because I was so excited to pick up the kids Saturday morning.  Dave had to work but my mom wanted to come with me and she and I were on the road by 6:15.

Luke was our first pickup...

... then Mason..

... and finally GG!  They had an INCREDIBLE week and we are so grateful for the counselors who choose to spend their summers pouring into kids and showing by example what it means to live and love like Jesus.  

There's usually about 30 solid minutes of conversation amongst the three kids with lots of "did you do this?", "what did you think of this?", etc. that my mom and I just like to sit back and listen to and then they all looked like this...

We got home and the "show and tell period" commenced ;). They got out all their little trinkets, things they traded, etc...

... and I started working on this...

You can seriously only laugh.  I feel like everything is always damp! WHY IS EVERYTHING SO DAMP?!?!?!  I did about 6 loads washing all the clothes, bathing suits, towels, bedding and pillows and have never been as grateful for our Speed Queen washer and dryer :)

The kids had to show me some new dances they learned...

... and after lunch they did this...

... while I did this :)

Luke hung out with some friends Friday night and the rest of us snuggled up and watched Peter Rabbit 2.  Sunday morning came EARLY -  so early in fact that we almost headed to church shoeless and I let Mason's shirt choice slide :)

Sunday afternoon looked a lot like this...

... I did manage to bake Dave's birthday cake with some help from Griffin :)

We met my parents for dinner at our favorite Italian place...

.... and then came home for cake, a couple of games and early-ish bedtimes :)


HAPPY Birthday to our FAVORITE person!

School starts for us TOMORROW and I can't wait!   I'm putting the finishing touches on my lesson plans today, attending a few meetings and putting together one of my FAVORITE family meals of the year tonight.  EEEK!  Seriously so much fun.

HAPPY Monday, friends!!!


  1. Can’t wait to read all about your annual Back to School Brinner!!! We started this tradition last year, thanks to you!!! 😀

  2. That food looks amazing! So glad the kids had a blast! Happy Birthday to Dave! :) Good luck going back this week!

  3. Andrea, I'm so excited for your kids...and I'm so excited for your new school year! It's going to be a great day!!! (I'm also excited to go to Whiskey Cake next time...yum!!!!)

  4. I ❤️ My speed Queen. It’s the best old school looking washing machine ever. Best of luck for a great start to the school year.

    1. Would you tell me more about the speed queen? Is it noisy? Does it wash quicker?

      May I ask what model you both have?

  5. The damp laundry! Yes! Such sweet times:-)

  6. love my speed queen and my kids first day was today! Praying a happy and healthy school year for everyone.

  7. I just need to add to the Speed Queen love. My husband thought I was crazy when I insisted we had to get it once our front loader took a dive. He now understands the hype. I can't thank you enough for taking the time to do a post on it (as adulting as it gets ;) If you ever want to talk about your dish washer I am all ears. We are in need of a new one!!

    1. Jaime! Please tell me what you love about your speed queen!

  8. Love my Speed Queens too; that is quite a pile of laundry though! Sounds like a great weekend and wonderful end to your summer.

  9. Love the three little pig sliders and especially their presentation. So clever! Have a great first week!

  10. Prayers for a great school year for you all.

  11. Would you please share where you got that amazing cake Pan? I’d love to get one .


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