Thursday, July 22, 2021

Colorado Family Camp - Part 2

Wednesday was our off camp day and after looking at a few different options of things to do we decided to head about an hour and a half away to one of our very favorite places - The Cheyenne Mountain Resort.

All of us LOVE it because of the beach area, boats and kayaks you can take out and pools.  The weather wasn't super cooperative this time but we did manage to get a few hours in on the beach...

And were able to enjoy our packed lunches out by the water before heading into the indoor pool for a while and then the slides outside.

We booked a room for the night so that we could use the beach and pool and we headed up to the room to change, take showers and to play "important meeting" before heading back to camp.

We got back in time for dinner and the talent show which is just about the cutest thing EVER.  Kids and families can sign up to perform ANYTHING from a skit to a song to literally anything else.  Griffin signed up to perform her hip hop routine and she ROCKED IT!  She forgot a big section in the middle but she powered through and I would have NEVER volunteered to do something like that as a kid so we were super proud of her.  There was a "dad joke competition" and then we headed BACK to the rec center to bowl, rock climb, play nuke 'em and drink smoothies :) See a theme here???

Thursday morning was extra chilly and everyone was ready for a fun day of activities...

... the morning started with an outdoor pancake breakfast where you had to catch your pancakes on your plate when they were flipped to you from the griddle :) They had tons of toppings out and this was hands-down the kids favorite breakfast.

Mason and G took a ride on the small zipline...

... and then Mason, G, Luke and Dave all got harnessed up to do the big zip but Dave was the only one who made it down ;) hahaha

We headed back across the creek to the tubing hill.

They walked up this hill carrying their tubes at least a dozen times.  

A quick stop by the pond...

... and then we dropped the kids off in the lodge for Parents Night Out.  The counselors took the kids for dinner, games and a movie from 5:30 - 9:00 and parents got a date night! We could take a picnic basket that the kitchen had prepped or head off camp for dinner and Dave and I decided to head to Tony's for patio pizza.

GORGEOUS views driving back to camp...

Friday morning we were up and at 'em for our last full day at camp...

We tried to hit as many activities as we could and one that we hadn't done earlier in the week was the alpine swing...

Everyone did the swing and then we headed back to the big zipline where Mason made it all the way to the top and HE DID IT!  He went down a few times and then it was time for banquet dinner and then campfire.

We headed out after breakfast on Saturday morning with a few tears because it was over but plans to head back next summer.  If you have any questions PLEASE leave them in the comments - I'll be answering questions (and sharing a quick video!) in one last post next week.

HAPPY Thursday, friends!!!



  1. This looks absolutely dreamy. And listen, patio pizza was a great decision.

  2. This seems like the perfect family vacation! I have an unrelated question. What was the phone you got for Luke? We are trying to make a decision on one and your choice seemed ideal. Thanks!

  3. This looks like the perfect family vacation. I have an unrelated question. What phone did you get for Luke? I can't find the post about it which was super informative but we are now at the stage of seriously considering a phone for our granddaughter and your choice seemed ideal. Thank you !

  4. Date night.. a pool.. ziplining?! What a fun family camp week!

  5. Looks like the best.time.ever!!!! The memories made are certainly priceless :)


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