Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Colorado Family Camp - Part 1

Last Sunday we headed out super early for one of our very FAVORITE places - Sky Ranch Family camp!  We left a little before 6 a.m., stopped for breakfast/lunch at Whataburger in Amarillo a little before 11 a.m. and then headed straight on to CO. 

We were treated to one of the most awesome views as we headed into Westcliffe....

TONS of buffalo (and babies, too!) all hanging out by the water.  Isn't that the coolest?

The drive up to camp is seriously gorgeous... I will never get over this view!

When we pulled up we were greeted by counselors on horseback :)

We got unloaded and checked into our cabin...

.... and the kids pretty much immediately took off to explore :). 

After dinner there was a quick parent meeting and then we had a family worship time followed up by the hanging log :)  It's exactly that... a hanging log that the kids try to knock each other off of with pillows.  It's a camp tradition and is hilarious.

Monday morning we had breakfast, did family devotions back in our cabin and then met back up at the lodge for  a time of family worship.  Afterward was "Round Up"... where the kids went with counselors to do their Bible study and the parents met with the camp hosts to delve into a discussion on marriage.  Keep in mind that NONE of this is mandatory... you can opt in/out to as much as you'd like - we LOVED the hosts and the discussions with the other couples there and our kids loved getting to know the other kids and counselors during this time.  The counselors hung out with the kids while the parents finished up and then we had a coupe hours of free time until lunch.  

We headed to the pond....

... and the kids fished with a counselor.  There were rods and reels available but they hung out with Joshua to try out fly fishing.


We fished until lunchtime and then after lunch headed to the shooting range, did some rock climbing and then walked down to the waterslides.

A quick trip back to the cabin for showers and then it was time for Western Night. 

Cowboys (one Dallas) and a Cowgirl...

... there was BBQ served outside, games, horseback rides and some fun photo ops.

Everyone headed into the arena for the annual melodrama put on by the counselors (so cute and funny!) and then it was time for the barn dance.  It's so cute because they have a "dance with me bench" where the kids can sit and let people know that they want to dance and then the counselors will come by and ask them.  Mason and Griffin were ALL ABOUT IT and I don't think either one came off the dance floor all night!

There was lots of two-stepping and then a bunch of fun "group dances" as well.  When we got back to our cabin that night Mason's only complaint was that his hips hurt from dancing :) hahahah

This kid is NOT a dancer but he and I had a great time chatting it up until the dance was over and it was time to hit the rec center for bowling and smoothies :) 

Tuesday morning was similar to Monday - family time, Bible study, hanging out, bracelet making etc. and we filled the day with LOTS of activities.  

We headed up to the range which was SO FUN!

After some time on the range we headed back to the cabin to get ready to head to the waterslides...

... but when a storm blew in we found ourselves in the rec center for some rock climbing...

Bowling and racquetball.

Tuesday night was "Spy Night" so after a busy afternoon we changed into our spy gear and met up in the lodge.

Each family had a dossier and had to complete spy training missions to get our 8 pieces of intel.  THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!

Mission Complete!

When we were done with our mission we headed to the rec center for some Nuke 'Em and even more bowling...

... and then ended the night on the jumping pillow.

Phew! That was a lot :)  Back later this week with the rest of the trip!

HAPPY Tuesday, friends!!!


  1. Curious about the differences between Ontario and US - were there any Covid protocols for the camp, proof of vaccine? Testing? Cohorts? I didn't see any masks. For comparison, my son just got back from overnight camp and they had to get tested before they arrived, stayed within their small group, and wore masks when around other people not in their cohort (inside or outside). Not suggesting all of that was required, but I have always been interested in how different jurisdictions are doing things.

    1. We had our temperatures checked upon arrival and were given a colored wristband and encouraged to social distance from people not in our color group.

    2. My daughter just returned from camp in Oklahoma and their camp did everything you just mentioned in Ontario. Tests, masks outside their cohort, etc. Very similar.

  2. What an amazing family vacation!! I love the memories you make for your kids, and for you and your husband. Looks like an absolute blast!!

  3. Love seeing all the pictures! Looks like an awesome time! :)

  4. SO fun. Love seeing all the pictures. Random question though - do you think Luke will outgrow this outing ... ? I ask b/c my sisters kids would love this I think, but one is like Lukes age.

    1. I don't anticipate that! He wasn't the youngest there by far - they can pick and choose what they want to do and I don't see any of mine outgrowing the trip!

  5. That looks like such a fun and full week!

  6. What a lovely family vacation. Its wonderful that you get both quality family and couple time! Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. Is this the same camp your kids go to by themselves later this summer?


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