Thursday, July 15, 2021

Amazon Lately

Happy Tuesday, friends!  Today I'm sharing a few of the things that have landed on my doorstep via Amazon this month. 

First up  -  these string backpacks.  The boys each needed a bag to take to camp that they could toss their water bottle, towel, sunscreen, etc. in and these were a great price with awesome reviews.  They'll use these during the school year for PE and other things as well.

I ordered  these two king size pillows to fill a couple of linen duvets on our bed and they are SO PLUSH!  

Would you believe that with the number of plants in my house I've never had a proper watering can? hahaha  I use random cups and decided it was time for  a big girl watering can.

I ordered  these balloons for our Top Dad Father's Day dinner...

... and  these translucent tiles to go on our light board.

Griffin's counselor at Pine Cove Camp in the city put some  hair tinsel in all the girls hair and she was OBSESSED! I ordered a set to try it myself and hopefully get her all tinseled up before she goes to camp :) 

I ordered  the Dude Perfect book for the kids and it's been out constantly the past few weeks.  One of them is always leafing through it and if you have DP fans in your house it's a must!

The kids caught onto  Catan SUPER FAST and I'm still trying to figure it out.  The game takes A LOT longer than I typically enjoy but all three kids area really loving it so I'm giving it a pass :)

Rosie's FAVORITE bones are  Benebones and the giant ones are one of the only toys we've purchased that she hasn't destroyed in a day.

We needed a couple of cowboy hats for western night at family camp and  this hat was G's pick...

... and  this one was Masons.

Luke requested  a tuxedo t-shirt for one of our theme nights...

... and I ordered each of the boys one of  these duffels for overnights to my parents, football tournaments, sleepovers, etc.  They've both used them multiple times already so I feel like they were a solid purchase.

I'd love to know if you've primed anything fun lately!  Leave me a comment and let me know!

PS - this post contained affiliate links... thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog!


  1. Buy the Catan expansion pack! It makes the game go MUCH faster and it’s way more fun!

  2. Hair tinsel is all the rage here! Thanks for linking these… just ordered some ❤️

  3. Will you do a post listing all the camps, clinics, VBS, ect that your children have attended this summer? I feel like there isn’t many options where we live, or maybe I just haven’t heard about them. I feel guilty that my daughter gets bored during the summer.

  4. Fairy hair is all the rage here also. It was kind of difficult to get the hang of putting it in though. Hopefully you will have better luck than I did... now I just got to the salon!

  5. I love your Amazon posts. I primed a couple of games that came highly recommended - Cover Your A$$ets and The Bears and The Bees. I've been told they're fun for all ages (hopefully!).


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