Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Christmas in July

Last week we had "Christmas in July" at our house.  It was nothing major but it was unexpected and really fun and I think will be a tradition we keep up in some capacity.  

When the kids woke up this is what they saw on the kitchen table...

... the tree is usually in G's room and was just hanging out in the attic along with the lights and then I just used a piece of wrapping paper to make a little runner.

I sprinkled some Christmas sprinkles onto store-bought cinnamon rolls and pulled a few Christmas plates out of the cabinet.

EASY but still festive :). They came downstairs and were so confused but quickly caught on and were VERY into it - they asked if we had hot cocoa (which I wish I had thought of) hahaha but milk did the trick.

We ate breakfast and then went about our day and mid-morning I set out these little wrapped packages under the tree.  Dave and I had bought them each a watch that we wanted them to have before we headed to Colorado and this was a fun way to give them. 


They each got one of  these watches.  I bought the regular size and we just adjusted them to fit each of their wrists (I wish that G's was a clip one like the boys instead of velcro but we made it work)

They're waterproof and have great reviews and the plan is for them to have them for years to come.

Mid-afternoon we were going to have a popsicle break after pulling some weeds outside and when I sent Mason inside to grab them this is what he found :) 

When we got our new dresser a few weeks ago I found him in my bathing suit drawer so this was extra simple.  No silly elf antics but a fun surprise to see Buddy in summer!

I attempted to cut watermelon into Christmas trees and they were NOT impressive AT ALL.  They gave us a good laugh and I'm thinking that no matter what else we do these watermelon Christmas trees will be a yearly tradition ;)

We swam that night and the kids played Christmas "categories" before we watched Elf on the big screen.

Categories is our favorite pool game... you pick a category (colors, animals, Disney movies, etc) and eone person stands outside of the pool.  Everyone else thinks of something that fits the category and then the person outside the water starts naming out items from the category.  When the outside the water person says the thing you're thinking of you have to try to make it to the other side of the pool without them noticing.  If they hear you swimming they are supposed to jump in and catch you.  We also play with a "family item"... so everyone in the water agrees on one answer that if the caller says it we all have to swim across. 

Christmas categories included...
- Christmas movies
- Christmas songs
- Santa's reindeers
- Manger animals :)
- Christmas traditions

Other ideas that I had (too late - hahaha) were making snow with shaving cream and baking soda, painting an ornament, drinking hot chocolate, wearing Christmas PJs and reading a Christmas book.  

This day was low key and special and an EASY way to bring a little extra fun.  Hoping this post inspired you to bring a little Christmas magic to your house this summer or just made you smile :)

HAPPY Wednesday, friends!!

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  1. I love this idea so much. So simple and so fun!

  2. Love it! Looks like so much fun! :)

  3. I love Christmas in July.. It's huge here in Northern Ohio and is so much fun! An island in Lake Erie goes ALL out-- the town is totally decorated. So fun!


  4. I love how creative you are and how much fun your kids are having!

  5. That sounds like a lot of fun!

  6. You truly are an amazing mother - you are giving your children the most magical childhood I could ever imagine! Thank you for being "real" all of the time and so relatable to your readers! Kudos to you!

  7. Yes! We started doing Halfway Christmas five years ago! We always do it around June 25th, and it’s the best ever; our kids just love it. We always do one small gift, wear Christmas pajamas, and listen to Christmas music while eating yummy food. Best tradition ever! :)

  8. You guys should play that game “sing or swim” that they play on TikTok!

  9. You guys should play that game “sing or swim” that they play on TikTok!


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